Pitbull Training and Pitbull Puppy Training

Pit bull breed is connected with dog fights. Other dogs are no match for this breed, the reason of it is that pitbulls have high strength in addition to their natural grit. This force and persistence should find another application, if you don’t want your Pit bull to fight with dogs. Pit bull is a companion dog, but only for those ones, which lead an active life and are ready to spend much of their time for the pet.

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Pitbull and alike Dogs Need a lot of Your Time and Attention

What the Owners of Pit Bull Have to Do

First aim of an owner has to be imparting of obedience to the puppy of pit bull; one can use food and toys for stimulation for work and reward. To teach pit bull obeying to his master is an important task. Pit bulls yield to the teaching if the training situation is organized, considering the main features of this breed.

One should train pit bull while playing. But it means not only to entertain Pitbull and to work with carrot. Training also consists in demanding discipline and submission from the dog. When one trains pit bull considering obedience, it is necessary to give the dog opportunity to receive a physical activity. Without it Pit Bull will be unready for teaching, he is inclined to activity and motion. An indefatigable energy, being unspent, can spill into resistance to the trainer. One more thing to be considered is pit bull’s attitude to other dogs if it’s wrong it should be corrected. The dog, which addicted to fighting and looks for a rival is unreliable in obedience. Staffordshire and Pit Bull not so often are pugnacious as one can think who never faced these dogs.

Anyway, these dogs were bred for fights and need a correct treatment and understanding. That’s why you can face need in professional help. When you buy a dog, you have to be ready to pay attention, to spend time and material resources to him. Training costs money, but it worth it. Address experts you can get a training program for a pleasant price.

The most important aim of the training is to explain to the dog, when the owner allows biting and when it is restricted. Before beginning of the training or other protective service an obligatory feature is dog's manageability. It is very important to avoid a groundless dog’s aggression. It is necessary for a dog to complete a course of obedience before training beginning.

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General Obedience Course is a Must for Every Dog

Large Ring

A large ring is a variety of complex training that includes the test in obedience and protection. Large ring was planned as competition of dogs, which are able to a real protective work. Pit-bulls often get a high mark for this kind of training. As a rule, if one goes correctly in for young pit bull and works on bite development, there is no problem for him to bite a sleeve or suit.

From the other hand, one can often meet a lack of distrust and aggression to strange people, what can present some difficulties at the beginning. But these difficulties are so insignificant so they can be easily overcome by proper work of trainer and other persons involved in it. It is expected in every modern competition in protection from a dog work under direction of sportsman-trainer and not a stranglehold with the next mechanical removal. So it is important not to keen only on bite training on involved person, but to work early enough at direction of behaviour of the dog. By the way, it is the quite spread and cutting-edge method of training when the conformity within defence is imparted too early.

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Proper Equipment will Promote Your Training

Weight Pulling

There is one more method of training – weight pulling. Weight pulling consists of towing the large loads for a short distance by the dog. The dog tows load that is a few times heavier than its own weight on the competitions. Pit Bull is put down into Guinness World Records, being one breed which towed load of weight in 1700 kg; this is a very big weight in view of the fact that the dog's weight is rather more than 18 kg.

One can visit training centre and prepare his dog systematically for records and competitions. You can do it alone with your pit bull using for towing tyre casing of auto wheel. Working with tyre makes sense, even if you have possibility to work with professional cart for weight pulling. Tyre casing hasn’t such inertia like cart and the dog works constantly like in start especially when the tyre catches on something and applies the brake. Work under such conditions develops persistence to work. Being excitable dogs, Pitbulls need composed and sensible trainer, who will correctly mete load. Sometimes owner's ambitions can result in traumas and excess load on the pit bull heart.

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Agility is overcoming of obstacle course by dog for a time. Pit bulls thanks to their natural mobility, dexterity and excitement get trained successfully and can show their worth in this kind of contests. Appearance is not the thing of importance on contests. Training and work are pleasant for each excitable dog and its development and manageability. From the one hand it means yearning to fulfil the task as soon as possible, and, from the other hand, halt and control.

When the dog overcomes an agility track, he doesn't run for a time following his nose, the animal works under direction of trainer. On the contests the dog doesn't know order of obstacle course overcoming; sportsman, who runs with the pet, knows it. If the dog because of over-excitation misses an obstacle, the time will be lost. So, the work itself demands from the dog seemingly contrary qualities - speed and attention to the trainer's commands. Even without taking part in any competitions it is healthy for your Pit Bull to work with agility.

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