Do You Need a Fighting Dog?

Before you buy a fighting dog, you should consider it. There are a plenty of details you have to note. 

First of all, you shouldn't acquire pit bulls, mastiffs or rottweilers, if there are little kids in your family, disabled or elderly people. As you may already know, fighting dogs should be treated hard but not cruel, you must be able to stand your ground. The dogs see weakness in little kids, elderly and disabled, which can cause an attack.

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Then, you should not get yourself a fighting dog, if you love parties and lots of guests in your house. Pit bulls, mastiffs and rottweilers don't like much noise, it can irritate them and cause unmotivated aggression. Fighting dogs are absolutely forbidden for families where fights and quarrels often occur. Dogs learn much from humans, if they see aggression often enough, they will get aggressive and disobedient.

You can buy a fighting dog only if you are a calm and accurate person, able to design your own behavior rules and control their fulfillment. It is only way to succeed in raising a "real fighter" who is not going to do any harm to peaceful creatures.

Right training is especially important for dogs like fighting terriers and mastiffs. These dogs are perfect performers, but they do not have flexible thinking. So you have to insistent and hard while training them.

You can often meet poorly trained misbehaving fighting dogs. The reason why is the don't-care attitude of their owners. The fighting dog owners often pay much attention to physical development of their pets, as they raise a warrior, not a friend. This is a big mistake, because the dog should know how to behave in public.
Some owners do not stand their ground while raising up a fighting dog. As a result the animal becomes disobedient and uncontrollable.
Usually, you have to control incorrect behavior of your dog. Don't express weakness with these dogs, otherwise their psyche will be instable, they will behave inadequate, which can result in unwanted consequences. Most tragic cases have to do with lack of experience of the trainer and with exercises banned for training fighting dogs. There are cases, when a human was used as a target during fighting dog trainings. And what is the result? This person got killed by the fighting dog. That is why you should pay very much attention to education and training of your dog. It is the only way to bring up an obedient and safe fighting dog.

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