Pitbull Dog Spring Pole

What Is a Pitbull Terrier Spring Pole?

Spring pole - is a hanging on a rope dog contest. The first venue of such sports events was the USA.

Pitbull Dog Spring PoleSpring pole competitions are run for different dog breeds, but American Pitbull Terriers and American Staffordshire Terriers are the main participants of this sport. Dogs elder 12 months are allowed to take part in spring pole trials.

A dog's persistence, endurance and exercise performance are shown up in this hobby-sport. From physiological perspective hanging on a rope provides adrenaline rush and helps to develop and exercise muscles.

The rope (canvas belt, cord) is fixed on a secure fastening. A special soft bite tug is attached to a loose rope end exactly parallel to the ground (for the dog's firm holding the tug).

The distance between the tug and the ground should be no more than 1.5 m. The distance is measured in such a way so that Pitbull could rear onto its hind legs holding the tug. Start position is designated at a distance of 5 m from the tool and marked.

Pitbull is led up to the start at the command "Ready". You can keep the dog free or on a loose lead (at your option). A handler shows Pitbull the direction of movement and cheers it at the command "Steady". The handler leaves the dog off at the command "Go".

Pitbull should grip the bite tug and hold it. Three attempts are given to do the task. Five minutes is the maximum time allowed to every participant. The dog leaves the bite tug off with the command or mechanically.

Pitbull Dog Spring Pole TrainingEach competitor gets the points. Time-based points are added at the time of competition. Loyalty points are also added. Pitbull can get these bonus points for the rope grab from the initial run or for the swing on the rope.

You should remember that Pitbull spring pole may be traumatizing, although injuries are rare. Be very attentive and watch your dog during training.

Pitbull dog spring pole training can be considered as regular exercising even if you have no intention of participation in trials. This sport is for dogs, which like tug of war games.

The advantages of Pitbull dog spring pole:

  • development of endurance;
  • strength building;
  • entertainment for dogs that like games with the rope;
  • daily training for very active dogs is a great opportunity to get energy out.

Choose dog toys to start Pitbull spring pole training.

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