Dog Feeding - How to Feed a Grown-Up Amstaff (Part 3)

How to Feed Amstaff with Dry Dog Food

Dry dog food should be used in proportion to weight and metabolic cost of Amstaff.

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Interactive Plate for Amstaff Healthy Feeding

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  • it`s not allowed to feed grown-up Amstaff with dog food for puppies and vice versa;
  • it`s not allowed to add into Amstaff ration cat food because it contains larger amount of proteins, fats and mineral nutrients, than Amstaff needs;
  • you should buy only such dog food, that your Amstaff likes and doesn`t interfere its health and fit;
  • try not to mix dog food from different producers;
  • give your Amstaff enough of fresh water;
  • don`t add into Amstaff ration extra vitamin and mineral supplements without the need (they are already contained in quality dog food).

Amstaff ration should be corrected depending on its age and physiological fitness. Amstaff needs less carbos with age (they are needed under heavy loads and old Amstaff is less lively and need less to supply the consumed energy), and also some minerals - calcium, sodium, phosphorus and iodine. It is recommended to prefer digestible products containing all necessary vitamins and mineral nutrients.

Amstaff should have fasting days as well as people. Give the dog only 40% of its ration in such day. Slight fast will do your Amstaff good. It is enough 1 fasting day in 2 weeks for grown-up Amstaff. Grown-up Amstaff should have a balanced balanced ration, which has to contain all the necessary nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

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To be continued...