Fierce Dog: Why and What to Do.

As you know, the dog is the man's friend. But recent events make it hard to agree with this point.


The number of fierce dogs grows more and more. And not the dogs are to blame, but their owners. 

It not only because they educate their dogs poorly, they don't watch them when they walk outdoors. For instance, there is a man walking his bull terrier in the street, the dog has no muzzle on. Everybody will say it's a fierce dog. Many countries have passed certain behavior rules to be followed by all dog breeders without fail. Any dog can be fierce, if it wears a muzzle and is walked of a leash. It is a norm. Just like following your pet with a broom and shovel in order to to let the dog leave its excrements on the pavement.

But not all dog breeders do so. Unfortunately, a fierce dog has become normal. People speak of dogs not like of companions, but like of enemies. Fierce dogs become an actual threat to humans.

The dogs have been most aggressive since the last five years. Why? Because keeping fierce and angry dogs became a trend. There have been cases, when dogs bit their owners to death. A fierce dog is a real problem of our time.

Surely we don't mind the dog breeding as such. But we support legislative acts promoting public safety, we support dangerous dogs lists, rulers applying to keeping of these dogs and foreseeing sanctions for breaches of these rules. In addition, we would like to suggest some tips for you to protect yourself from an attacking dog. 

To be continued...

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