Dog Feeding - How to Feed a Grown-Up Amstaff (Part 1)

How to Feed Your Grown-Up Amstaff in a Healthy Way?

The daily intake of dog food for a grown-up Amstaff is defined not only by age, but also some other factors: sex, height, weight, fatness, work performed by the dog and muscle loading.

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It takes from 20 to 40 g of dry dog food and from 30 to 60 g of liquid dog food with heavy percentage of water for 1 kg of Amstaff body mass depending on its fatness.

Many Amstaff breeders give their dogs dried meat. However, such product is less nutritious and it`s forbidden to feed Amstaff with it for a long time.

Basic dog food for Amstaff is meat and meat products with high energy content. Meat contains large amount of proteins, lipids, which are digested well by Amstaff`s organism. You can feed your dog with horse beef and low-cal mutton and beef. Keep in mind that you should feed your Amstaff with quality and fresh meet only.

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It will be very good for your Amstaff to be fed with with slices of fresh meat or fresh forcemeat at least 1 time a week. Besides, grown-up Amstaff needs no less than 35-40 g of fibre a day for dog intestine healty state.

Grown-up Amstaff needs about 1L of water during a day, and no less than 20 g of mineral mix with calcium. A vet will quantify Amstaff demand in vitamins more precisely. All this should be considered when making a ration for Amstaff.

Bone tankage is an important component of Amstaff food ration, because it`s enriched with protein, calcium and phosphorus. Such product is digested worse by Amstaff organism in comparison with meat, that`s why bone tankage is given by 100-150 g 2-3 times a week together with soup or porridge.

Groats (wheat and oat groats especially) are the most widespread for Amstaff feeding from vegetable dog food. You should feed your Amstaff with boiled groat only. You can also feed the dog with oatmeal, rice, semolina It is possible to use as a forage oat-flakes, rice, semolina in optimum quantity for Amstaff dietary nutrition. It is not recommended to give Amstaff beans, peas, lentils and corn.

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To be continued...