Chain Dog Collars

Materials and Coatings Used for Production of Sprenger Metal Dog Collars

Metal collars are made of different metals: steel (stainless, chromium plated, nickel plated, blue, gilding steel and others), brass, special hypoallergenic alloy curogan. These collars can look like real jewellery reflecting sunlight with their sides. So they are often used during dog shows. Chains can differ in colour, shape and size of a link. Long link saves long-haired dogs fur from pulling, knotting and damaging. But some of the coating may stain colour of dogs’ hair, so before using the collar at the show it would be better to try it out. Choosing a dog chane collar you should ensure that all the links are soldered or welded up qualitatively, coating is uniform, and the edges of the metal can’t damage a dog’s skin.

Stainless Steel

 Fur Saver Chain Collar with Name PlateProfessional dog trainers and sportsmen choosing a series of Sprenger production made of stainless steel because of a number of its advantages. Although stainless steel products are more expensive than chrome plated steel they have such important advantages as higher durability and reliability. These chains have the best value for money.

Blue Steel

Well-known to the customers a series of products of stainless steel became a base for a new series of innovative products of blue steel. A peculiarity of the new series is a difference in a coating process during which the black colour penetrates into the material instead of being the outer layer. It reduces deterioration and preserves products’ appearance in use. However, when using the chain the colour will gradually go away and go into the colour Antique. But the quality of the material is always invariable. Colour intensity can have little differences between batches, it is caused by the technical process.


Sprenger Curogan Training Collar

Curogan dog collars are especially useful at the dog shows

Curogan is a patented alloy. It is alloyed with copper and zinc and it does not contain nickel, and does not corrode. Curogan is an alternative for dogs hair of which are stained when using usual materials. After many tests we can say with confidence that in 95% of cases the problem with hair disappears. Curogan chains are gaining more and more popularity not only because of its noble appearance, but because of their antiallergic properties. The high-copper alloy provides the material with a rich colour that may darken slightly while using. However, you can restore the original colour using available polishing paste. When using curogan products  you should not forget that due to the physical-mechanical properties this alloy is more subjected to depreciation compared to standard materials.

Chrome plated steel with matt surface

Manufacture of steel with matt surface doesn’t very differ from the process of production of chrome plated products. Polished to a high gloss surface of the original product goes through nickel plating process at first and chrome plating process in conclusion. It gives the surface a noble appearance. Matt surface finish is the most wear-resistant products within Sprenger. After many tests we can say confidently that the matt finish does not lose its appearence even after prolonged use.

Electrodeposited coating provides rather good corrosion protection. But, nevertheless, significant variations in temperature or prolonged contact with water may lead to plaque formation on surface of the links. The manufacturer recommends not to forget about taking care of the product to provide the longest life time.

Chrome plated steel

plated Chain Dog Collar

 Chromium Plated Chain Dog Collar for Walking and Training

A distinction of the Sprenger products of chrome steel is shiny links surface. It is achieved by the multistage process of degreasing and chemical preparation of the surface of original material that provides uniform spreading of nickel and chromium on the wire surface. Such technology allows to protect the product against corrosion for a long time. Quality of nickel is checked immediately after the process, the rings are tested in bending. If the layer does not crack or peel off, the entire batch of products go to the next stage of the process – chrome plating. A thorough preparatory process and multi-stage control guarantee high quality of chrome plating and ensure double protection against corrosion with the previous process of nickel plating. But despite the high quality of the metal coating this layer may be damaged by mechanical effects from the outside. Under these factors the manufacturer cannot provide 100% assurance against corrosion for all products with different surface coatings besides stainless steel.

Now when you know everything about materials and coatings used for production of Sprenger metal equipment you can easily choose the best variant for your dog. We offer wide variety of Sprenger collars which make training more effective or make your dog noble and elegant at the show.