Journeys with Pitbull, Pitbull Traveling

The dogs often accompany their owners in travels; herewith the owner of an animal has to follow strictly some rules specified by the legislation of the country where he goes.

One needs to remember that while dog transportation by the sea, river, air or railway traffic its owner is obliged to have the vet certificate.

While dog’s transportation in buses, trolleybuses, subways and trams it is obligatory to wear a leash and a muzzle. The full fare is paid for the dog. The exception is guide dogs.
A taxi-driver may refuse to transport a dog. When he has agreed, the animal is set to the back seat and its fare is paid in a sum that the driver will charge. During the journey time there must be a muzzle and a collar on a dog.
One can transport a small dog in the coach of a passenger train, but only in case of having a formalized ticket for it. The barking of a dog practically always displeases other passengers. In such situation the permit to transport an animal is cancelled.
If several adult dogs are transported at once the owner may ask to give him a separate compartment. One may feed dogs only on long stops. It is made for that after food intake they have time (1-1.5 hour) to its assimilation. When the time of the stop is less than 20 minutes one should not feed a dog, because it may have vomiting during the passage.
While transporting by the air transport it is worth to have in mind that a puppy may be present in the compartment together with its owner, but adult animal must sit in the cage that is set up in a luggage space.

During the Pit bulls transporting on very large destinations one must not forget to feed him and to walk. The dogs are walked usually after landing in the airport at places dedicated to it.
By the water transportation of a dog (river steamboat, transatlantic liner) the animals are always placed in holds, in special cages.
One should know that it is forbidden to appear with the Pitbull Terrier in some European countries and in a number of the USA states.