Bull Terrier in the Hunting - Is It Possible?

Whether It`s Possible to Use Bull Terrier in the Hunting?

I can tell from experience of using Bull Terrier in the hunting that this dog breed was never a hunting dog and won't be able ever to become a really perfect hunter. A hunter, who can keep only one dog and wants to use it as a universal hunting dog, won't take for this aim a Bull Terrier as it can be used only for some types of hunting.

However, I don't want to tell that Bull Terrier can't be used in the hunting. After all, even a universal hunting dog won't be able to supplant for a long a Dachshund or a Terrier in searching a fox or a badger in the hole. And as for Bull Terrier I can tell that it`s a very good assistant when it`s run together with a Dachshund for example. In such case Bull Terrier undertakes a hard work and a struck wild game from a small Dachshund or finishes the game off. And small Dachshund then signals to the owner where the killed game is. So Bull Terrier can be used in the hunting as a gun dog and have an absolute success. I recommend to do it together with a dog of a smaller breed who can pick up a trail and find a place and Bull Terrier with its huge physical vigor and yet bigger bite strength and hunting bug when grips can't give a voice. It is possible that some Bull Terriers can gain this quality if they are in continuous escort of other dogs that can a pick up a trail, but it`s not an inherited quality of Bull Terrier.

Bull Terrier with Tracking Harness in the Hunting

It is much written and done movies about Bull Terrier hunting for wild boars, but in my opinion the boar is worthy if it weighs above 100 kg and 2 centner wild sow, which even a Bull Terrier is afraid to attack. After all, wild game is quicker than any manmade dog breed. Thank God that there are no such dogs by date, otherwise we would have even much less species of a wild game.

(If Bull Terrier is afraid to attack a big boar, than it`s a cull. Normal Bull Terrier has to attack a bigger boar than a less worthy rival with a great patience).

But Bull Terrier is well adapted for searching a struck boars as it`s fearless, accepts battle with any weight category and have a good grasp of them. So, some wild game would be lost in the wood but that Bull Terriers helped hunters to find them.

Bull Terriers are also well adapted for fights against the wildcats and other representatives of this family: martens, ferrets, weasels etc. Bull Terrier is not so good in hunting because it doesn't understand what it should point to the hunter where a wild game is. If Bull Terrier even can do it, it happens so quickly that the hunter passes over this moment. Bull Terrier doesn't like to bring the killed game though he brings well a thrown dog toys.

Of course, there are many examples when Bull Terrier beats even a gun dog in the hunting. Well, even such dogs can be useful in the hunting when they trained and brought up due to their handler aims.

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