Tips for Pitbull Walking

Pitbull Walking Tips

Pitbull is walked twice a day not only for doing his physical needs, but also that it has an opportunity to run and exercise. One needs to devote enough time for walking the dog, as opposed to a puppy adult dog cannot urinate at one time; it does so in stages, with short intervals. It is especially important to see that the dog's physical needs are completely satisfied before the training. If this does not happen, Pit Bull Terrier will be distracted or will go to stool at the training site.

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Lovely Pitbull on a Walk

Pitbull Walking Equipment

Pit Bull Terrier must be muzzled by the walk and stay on a short leash. Let him run only after he will hold a course of general training and only in isolated locations under constant supervision of an owner. When the Pitbull Terrier runs too far, it has to be surely called up and when strangers appear, it should be taken on a leash. If you want to get somewhere with the dog on the transport, it must be muzzled and be on a short leash. In some cities, the transportation of large dogs is prohibited on the public transport.

The walk can be turned into a training session, especially if the dog's muscle mass increases slowly. It is recommended to force the dog to run, jump over obstacles, etc. It is very useful for the high jump Pit Bull Terriers, especially in the first 8 months. In order to make the dog jump, you can raise the hand with a stick, treat or throw a small ball into the air so that the dog jumps up, tries to catch it.

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Develop Your Pitbull's Body

During the 1st year of life the dog must follow the proper formation of bones and muscle development. One can spend for this the part of the time available for a walk that the dog pulls the owner on the leash, straining the neck muscles (e.g., when skiing in winter or during summer walking or roller skating).

We should not forget that Pit Bull Terrier should have a broad chest. If it is not wide enough, you can go through a special training with the dog. It is a very useful exercise, in which the owner stands on the hill, throws a stick or a ball and the dog runs down, finds and brings this item up.

Who Should Walk Pitbull

And the point of great importance is also the person who walks the dog. Of course, it is desirable that Pit Bull Terrier is walked by its owner. He will be able to use more efficiently the walking time to educate the dog. But the owner does not always have time to walk the dog. In this case, it may well go out with any family member. But we should not forget that the Pit Bull Terrier is still very active, strong and energetic dog. A child or an elderly person will not be able to cope with it if the dog suddenly runs into the road.

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Pitbull and Other Dogs

Until the training is completed and until the dog learns to comply with all owners’ commands unconditionally, you should not let it off the leash and allow playing with other dogs. In other dogs Pit Bull Terrier sees firstly its opponents, and if it will start to attack, it can easily be excited and bite the attacker.

But  do not be too afraid of the Pit Bull Terriers’ excitability: a well-bred dog stops the fight by the first owner’s command. In addition, the practice has proved that the Pit Bull Terrier will never attack a puppy or a dog, which is much smaller in size or to attack another dog first. It is required to separate dogs simultaneously; both owners should try to calm their pets.

In order to walk your dog without any problem, it is advisable not to let young Pit Bull Terriers to come near to large and aggressive dogs and do not provoke your pet to the need of defending itself.

If the fight could not be avoided (what actually happens very rarely), you should not stand aside, but as soon as possible you should intervene in order to calm your pet. You do not have to drag pit bull terrier by the collar away from its opponent, hit him, yell, or pour dogs with water. These methods, as a rule, turn to be ineffective.

One must keep an eye that the dogs do not start biting each other. If this has happened nevertheless, you should carefully loosen dog’s jaws with the help of a flat plank (in this case do not use metal objects, because they can damage the dog’s teeth).

If you don't know what accessories you should choose for your puppy or adult Pitbull, ask our customer support team. We would be happy to help you.