How to Brush a Pitbull's Teeth? (Part 1)

How to Brush My Pitbull's Teeth?

Why Is It Important to Brush Dog's Teeth?

Beginning dog breeders often ask how to brush Pitbull's teeth and whether this procedure is required. It is necessary to clean them without question and to do this in a right way. Pitbull eats regularly and food particles stick between teeth. The dog can also pick up from the ground.

Many dogs have affected teeth at inappropriate care. Painful teeth lead to the serious consequences and make Pitbull to suffer acutely. Various diseases, such as fistula or periodontitis are developed with sore teeth.

Pitbull Teeth CleaningHow to Train a Dog to Brush Teeth?

Pitbulls are not to be much for getting into mouth. Hygienic procedures are started in the puppyhood. Thus, the dog will perceive treatment easy in future. The procedure doesn't take much time - 10 min. only. You will need more time if Pitbull doesn't want to open mouth.

Owners are interested whether it is allowed to clean Pitbull's teeth with a brush at the first try. It is not advisable. At the beginning you will need to train the dog that foreign objects appear in its mouth from time to time. The place of the brush is taken by the owner's fingers initially.

  1. Prepare tasty and flavory clear soup.
  2. Dip fingers in liquid and put them in dog's mouth.
  3. Repeat until Pitbull is got used to this strange procedure.

Train your dog to run a command "Show teeth" if you are going to take part in shows and rings. This command is compulsory for judges.

Pitbull Teeth Brushing

Start a traditional procedure when the dog responses normally that you put fingers into its mouth at times.

Pitbull Teeth BrushingTake the brush or wrap a piece of roller bandage around your finger in 3-4 layers. Then apply special tooth paste and brush Pitbull's teeth with the easy movements. Do this carefully, don't press strongly whether not to scratch enamel or injure gums. Get special tooth brush and paste for dogs, it is forbidden to clean dog teeth with human toothpaste.

If it is the first time, perhaps, you won't brush all the dog's teeth at once. Long cleaning is tiresome for it. Do the manipulation at different times.

There is no need to clean off the internal surface of dog teeth. Pitbull will do this itself.

Create an environment (f.e. a game), where the dog perceives the procedure easily. Brushing shouldn't associate with unpleasant feelings. Talk gently and praise Pitbull in the process.

Dog teeth brushing 2 times a week is ideal. It will take no more than 10 min. Carefully check dog mouth after brushing and process gums with hydrogen peroxide if you have noticed them bleeding.

Pitbull will take teeth cleaning quite peacefully with time and you will get skilled at doing this in a right way.

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