Staffordshire Bull Terriers on Crufts

Remembering Crafts 2011

I used to visit dog shows in England earlier but I considered it not enough to understand the nature of the real English Staff bull. Along with a great number of Staffies Crufts attracted me with its long-time history.

After comparing the prices of hotels located Birmingham and the ones located in my favourite district of London, Bloomsbury, I found out that the accommodation costs the same. But it was much easier to get to NEC from Birmingham International than from the other Birmingham hotel, although it was situated not far from the NEC. 

After reaching Birmingham International, going upstairs and passing through the hall I found myself in the NEC. The people who brought dogs had to come in through some back doors. The ones without dogs went to the main hall where they could buy catalogs with show schedule for the day. The catalog cost 7 pounds. You could also buy Crafts tickets here.  

The opening time indicated on the tickets was 8:15 and it was exactly the time the halls were actually opened. I.e. they opened the 3rd hall connected with the 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th. If you'd like to leave the hall afterwards they would put a stamp on your hand, it served as a "pass".

By the time the hall was opened the viewers and the participants were  already on their places.  There were special benches for dog-participants. But many dogs still stayed in cages. The participant found his certain bench by the number that corresponded with the participant's  number in the catalog.
Concerning the Staffbulls, participants and their support already occupied all the places from the very morning. So I had to spend all 7 hours of the ring show standing. The ring numbers hung high which was very comfortable. The halls organization was as follows: shopping rows, the benches and finally, the rings. In order not to get lost in the shopping rows and not to pass by the things you need, they could see companies representing their products at Crufts, the hall they will be in and their stand number on web.  
What impressed me were the breeds stands. The breeds represented at the show were lined up in alphabet order, alive, behind a middle high net. So if you are interested you can see the breeds representatives, ask questions or get some advice. These stands were open to 16.00.

But let's go back to Staffies! According to the catalog 327 dogs were registered. Studs and bitches are examined simultaneously by different experts in different rings located nearby. I watched the ladies ring more but sometimes ran over to the the male ring which was more popular with the visitors

Not being a Staffordshire Bull Terrier expert I can't make any conclusions yet. But in general I have to emphasize the atmosphere inside and around the rings. It seemed very friendly and bearing some healthy passion spirit. Though the Staffy rings lasted for about 7 hours I really enjoyed the show.

 Will I go to Crafts some time again? Yes! But only with friends or family. Crafts is actually a holiday and you always want to discuss what you have seen, share your impressions during this really grand event.