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  • We offer the finest dog collars, which are made of high-quality leather or nylon.
  • Dog collars for walking, training, agitation work, sport and shows are available in our pet shop.
  • We have EMS-Express shipping (3-6 business days) or Registered shipping (6-12 business days) all over the world. Make your own choice or apply to us and our specialists will select the best dog collar for your Staffy. You can return or exchange the product if it will not meet your expectations.
  • There are special discounts and proposals for our loyal customers. You will get the most suitable collar, which is chosen according to your Staffy sizes. Bulk customers can test our products after order payment.

5 of 5 Stars! Dear Julia, thank you for your help! The collar is very nice and fits my dog. She feels fine with it. I am very pleased with the quality of the product. Warm wishes. Ines, UK
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Staffordshire Terrier is a very strong and active dog breed, that needs super strong and durable dog equipment for walking, training and other various dog activities. And our dog shop UK offers you a wide model line of custom-made dog collars for Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Here you can find luxury and simple dog collars for adult Staffy or puppy. Our new Artisan FDT collection will gladden you with bright designs and extraordinary sets of decorations.



Look at Our Top Notch Dog Collar on Dogs

Dog collars UK are made of a high class materials, such as genuine leather and super strong nylon. All Staffordshire collars are approved by the best breeders and vets, so our dog collars UK are safe and friendly for your Staffy health.

Watch How Our Designer Dog Collar Looks on Dogs

All Staffordshire dog collars are handcfafted and designed according to the international standards specially for Staffordshire due to the breed characteristics. Leather Stafie collars will suit dog walking, training, tracking, dog shows, competitions and championships. Stafford collars made of nylon are mostly used for all-weather dog exercising. So, if you`re looking for premium class and multifunctional Staffordshire Bull Terrier collars, then you`ve found just the best ones!

By the way, we demonstrate every dog collar on Staford Bull Terriers, so you can see how gorgeous and fancy Staffies are when wearing our dog products. Be sure, when you order our dog accessories for Staffordshire training, walking and other dog activities, you get a blue-chip pet supply and your Stuffie - the best comfort!

Some Reviews about Staffordshire Collars:


1. Leather dog collar with blue stones C75

The collars are GORGEOUS!! dogs look SO good in them. My Golden has the light leather with turquoise conchos and choc Lab has the dark brown with silver concho's - couldn't be more perfect. Will definitely recommend your company to others. May order more for my smaller dogs - gotta check the widths.

From: Kelly Farrell from Florida, USA


2. Leather dog collar with brass plates C85N

I am very impressed ! The quality is remarkable ! I will forward a photo. There will be no reason to look elsewhere for product.

From: Kristen, USA