Pit Bulls Help Sick Kids

Annually, they conduct a special children's day in the US visited by Christina Crawford and her famous rescue dogs Cheyenne, Dakota and Tahoe. This day is dedicated to bodily and mentally deficient children. It's been seven years since the little ones have found joy in communicating with Christina and her pit bull dogs. This breed was not picked by chance, it had been recognized as the most human loyal breed. Pit bulls are now widely used for rehabilitation of children and adults all over the world. Pit bulls help many little kids to find new life giving them joy and happiness. 

Christina Crawford started conducting these days for little kids seven years ago. The story of this project tells about warm relationships between children and dogs. The kids learn to be good from this affectionate pets, who have turned into true legends in- and outside of the USA. These dogs are outstanding rescuers, who saved more than one dozen lives. I wish there were more days like this and not only in the USA!

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