IGP 2019 Trial - Israel

Our Equipment on IGP 2019 Israeli Trials

Dates: 03.15 - 03.16.2019

Type of training: IPO-3

ForDogTrainers was the sponsoring company of the trial. We provided supplies for the sporting event and clothes for sportsmen. We produce professional outfit for dogs and trainers, contests and training. Our company is well-known and used by experienced cynologists!

IPO Bite Sleeve

Advanced Sleeve for IGP Trials

IPO Dog Sport Blinds

FDT Blind for Championship

IPO Dog Training Equipment UK

Pants and Personalized Jackets from FDT

IPO Bite Sleeves

Excellent Bite Work with Our Sleeve

IPO Dog Training Stick

Attack with FDT Agitation Stick

You are welcome to choose dog training equipment from ForDogTrainers.