Staffordshire Terrier Training

Staffordshire terrier is a very active and excited dog, which has the past of a fighter.

It goes without saying that this dog, especially little puppy, being outdoor faces many interesting things and not only interesting but rather dangerous.  It can be cars, cats, aggressive dogs and people with ill-disposed attitude and rubbish heaps and so on. That is why, your dog should be socialized and calm being in crowded places. Manageable dog is comfort and quiet for you and people around you.

In order to make your Staffordshire terrier manageable and obedient you should train it. It is important to decide, whether you like to train your dog by yourself, or you like to take your dog to the training place or to invite home instructor.

If you want to use the first version, then achieving of the results is not guaranteed. Because you can’t avoid failures, which is remain unnoticeable for people without special experience.

The ground of the further training, if you prefer to train your Staffordshire terrier in the training place, as a rule, would be general course of training, or course “dog-companion”. If two of those versions of dog's training don’t fit you, there is one more option. It is an individual training with instructor. In this case, instructor will teach you how to train your dog, and he will notice and help you to correct mistakes in time. A professional trainer can ensure an individual approach to the dog that will take into account specific character of the breed.

Before choosing the way of training and an instructor you should decide what you want from your pet. If you want your dog to be manageable, it would be sufficient simply to train such commands as “Come!” “Heel!”, “Haunch!”, “Couch!” “Stop that!” “Retrieve!” These commands are often used in the daily life.

But for providing your Staffordshire terrier with suitable conditions of housing and training you should give your dog something more.

Working individually or with instructor, you should choose the program of training. However, you shouldn’t limit yourself with a minimal set of commands. In order to keep your Staffordshire terrier in obedience you should load him with regular work, i.e. with carrying out of some complicated program. It is important for those, who is not inclined to be strict and hard with a dog.

Staffordshire terriers are clever dogs, which are oriented towards people that helps to fulfill the training successfully, teaching both - defense of the owner and obedience.

The training of the Staffordshire terrier should be begun to carry out from the very moment, when the puppy arrived to the house. As it has been mentioned early Staffordshire terrier has the past of the fighter, therefore it is necessary to choose him partners of communication carefully, especially among other dogs. The dog should be forbidden to show aggression towards other dogs.

Consequently, it is very important to carry out correct training of the dog for the obedience and manageability. Even, if you decided to train your Staffordshire domiciliary, it would be better to do it under supervision of the dog expert.

There are  different Amstaff harnesses  for training and walking