Pitbull Harness or Pitbull Collar for Training?

What Would You Prefer: a Chest Harness or a Pitbull Collar in Training of Your Dog?

You’ve just took funny puppy of Pitbull. But the funny puppy is already the terrible one. Pitbull needs your constant attention, love and experienced supervision of the trainer. Don’t try to train your Pitbull with the help of trainer without the sufficient time. You’d better pay attention to another Pitbull breed, if you can’t afford it.

In the relationships between the Pitbull and human there is one important thing – the strength of the character. Who is the leader, who leads and who is following during the walk. How the social interaction is forming in your pair.

Pitbull Angel or Pitbull Devil. We will speak about the Pitbull electroshock and prong collars. There are many rumors, which say that such collars lead to Pitbull dependence on them. Do you try to handle your Pitbull with the help of causing it pain? And after that, you really think that the result would be fine? A prong collar chokes the puppy from the bottom of its neck, the soft part of the neck. Such “experts” claims that according to the pack laws mother pulls about her puppies. They probably don’t know that the withers skin is pulled by the bitch. It is harmless thing, but useful as opposed to the collar.

All the other way, when the Pitbull is chocked from the bottom of the neck it is associated with threat of life. And after all, you want to raise peaceful Pitbull, permanently chocking it and “encourage” with electroshock. There is no need to humanize the perception of the Pitbull. Just imagine yourself being a child, which is constantly pricked with something and chocked for every wrong step. Such child will either become embittered or will never sense pain.

You will achieve the similar aim. With the collar you will have a plaster saint Pitbull, but without it a real devil. There are many dangerous situations connected with such aggression, for example, your Pitbull is tore away from you in the park zone. It will present the problem for you to stop your Pitbull embroil with other dogs. Perhaps, it is the reason of appearing of some enterprising businessmen, who propose an electroshock collar for maintaining control under the Pitbull.

Remember, such import thing absence of control originates from the little; from the choice between a collar and a harness.

What to choose for the good walking:  a Pitbull harness or a Pitbull collar?

You can find the collar for the small neck of your puppy, but it already can disobey and pull the leash. Gasping and panting your Pitbull will dictate you its own terms. It is your puppy leads you, and it is you to follow him! You will be advised or recommended to use a prong collar. There is a lot of such “well-wishers” among the Pitbull breeders and the average people who know nothing about the Pitbull breeding.

If such pieces of advice are aimed in preventing disobedience of your Pitbull, you will never pull your Pitbull from the mess with something better than using the Pitbull harness. The harness imitates the movement of the picking hands and allows you easily to take your Pitbull from the troubles.

Those people who are insisting on such fact that the knee joint will damage because of wrong distribution of the weight supposedly look like the mothers from the past centuries, who tightly swaddle their children to justify their legs. Anatomy is the anatomy; initial structure of bones won’t change. It is unlikely that short walking will be harmful for the forming of joints. But the harness for Pit Bull should be made of textile to avoid limitation of the movements. It will help you to prevent clubfoot.