How to Choose the Best Dog Training Treat

 What dog training treat should you choose for your Staffy?

What treat can one give to Staffy while training? What dog and puppy training treat is the most effective? If owner is attentive to his pet’s favours, he  will definitely be able to select such treat for which Staffy is ready to perform any of his whims.

It is foolish not using treats in dog training process, but there are some dog handlers that don’t use treats at all replacing them with praise and work strictly as for the rest. However, treat can solve problems that you would have to solve without tasty rewards method dozens time longer spending meanwhile lots of your personal efforts.

Always try to get performed command from your Staffy due to positive reinforcement, treats, praise, toy or game in other words. Your Staffordshire will remember and do the command connected to something positive with more desire.

How can you find the most effective treat?

Let’s define what treat should be like.

1. Convenient to transport. If possible, the treat should be easy to carry and it shouldn’t make your hands dirty.

2. Tasty. The treat must be very tasty to be enjoyed by your Staffy.

Dry dog food is considered to be the most convenient treat: it is easy to transport, it can be stored for a long time but... it is not always liked by SBT. As you train your dog when it is a little bit hungry, it will be glad to eat dry dog food. But if dry food is its basic diet, you can’t surprise your Staffy with such food. In any case, if your pet reacts to the offered treat badly or poorly, you should immediately choose a different one.

Praise your Staffordshire and give it treat, dog chew toy or its favourite ball on string when it performs your command.

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