Staffy Dog Walking on a Lead without Pulling

Dog Lead for Staffy, Staffordshire Bull Terrier Walking, Amstaff, Pit Bull Terrier and other Dogs Walking

Dog lead is needed not for pulling a dog behind. Dog lead is a device intended to hold up a dog from forbidden places. Dog lead helps us to hold a dog in a safe area where you can control its safety. A proper dog lead should allow a dog enough freedom and space for natural activity, in the order to feel comfortable and relaxed. Meanwhile, you should use easy calming signals of communication to regulate dog behavior. In this case I call a dog patting a hand on my leg. A dog comes up and we are going further.

staffy dog walking leads

A dog is a clever being. Give your pet a chance to adapt to outer space out of home. A dog learns to behave well and natural when it feels your support and does not stressed by strict commands and instant corrections of the handler. It is very important when your daily dog walking of your Staffy happens in public spaces with many passers-by and children. A dog understands you much better when it feels no stress of your commands and restrictions. It is very important at lively street with cars. A dog understands that they are not dangerous if you keep it on a safe distance at the pathway. Make daily dog walking relaxed and natural for your dog and it will be more pleasant for both you and your Staffy!

Leather Dog Leads for Staffordshire Bull terrier, Amstaff, Pit Bull Terrier and other strong dogs walking.

leather dog leadleather dog leadleather dog lead

Nylon Dog Leads for English Staffy, Amstaff, Pitbull daily walking and dog training.

nylon dog leadnylon dog leadnylon dog lead