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You can always find a special offerings for your Amstaff, Bull Terrier, English Staffy or Stafford in our Pitbull shop such as leather dog harnesses and nylon dog harnesses, wire muzzles, basket muzzles, leather dog muzzles, leather leads and nylon dog leashes, Amstaff collars, Bull Terrier collars, Staffordshire collars in leather and nylon, jute and french linen dog training sleeves, protection sleeves, bite suits, dog training equipment, dog tugs and dog toys.

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Choose the best pet products for dog walking, exercising and professional dog training, such as police dog training, K9 dog training, guard dog training, protection dog training and service work. Get a top quality, exclusive, super durable and comfortable dog outfit for your Amstaff, Bull Terrier, English Staffy, Pitbull or Stafford.

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Some Special Offers Reviews:


1. Dog training harness H17

I would just like to say thank you for everything. It has been an absolute pleasure to do business with you. I will send you some photos of Knox wearing his new equipment which he loves so much. Looks good!! aye mate!! Thanks again.....

From: Mark, USA


2. Wire basket dog muzzle M4

Just wanted to thank you for the fast service you provided. It was extremely difficult to find a muzzle that fits my dog, and I didn't have time to have one specially made. Thanks to the details and measurements you provided on your site, I found one that fits. And it arrived in time for our trip to the vet. Thanks!

From: Debbie, USA