Pitbull Teeth Issues

Dog Dental Problems Treatment

What dog dental issues can face every owner? Tartar deposit is the most common one, which is appeared on dog's teeth with age. It causes gum inflammation and infecting that come with unpleasant smell and teeth loosening. This is the other disease, which is called periodontitis. The consequences of this illness can be the most adverse for Pitbull and Staffy. Bacteria spread through entries of infection of sore gums and may cause lungs, hearts, kidneys or joints diseases.

Pitbull Teeth Care

The myth, which had been existing over a long time that kibble is the reason of dog periodontitis, was busted due to numerous researches by adding to dog ration dry food in the shape of croquette. This has made it possible to control plaque and deposit effectively unlike wet dog food, which pieces are stuck on gums and teeth borders and croquettes cleans them.

Dry dog food adding to the ration, regular teeth brushing and professional cleaning by a vet will prevent this problem. Some dog chew treats can help in oral care and dental hygiene. Treatment is provided by the vet and consists of tartar removing and antibacterial therapy.

Pitbull Canine TeethPreventive Measures

Keep strict watch of your dog's health to avoid problems with its teeth. It is not difficult.

Pitbull and Staffy needs balanced nutrition, such as cooked food (porridge, soup), which should be alternated with solid food. It is not recommended to feed the dog with kibble all the time and in large amounts because it leads to wastes in stomach and bowels. Canned dog food is too soft to keep dog teeth healthy. Alternate porridges with kibble, dental chews and bone-like treats.

It is also important to clean your dog's teeth 3 times a week at least with special brush and toothpaste. Human one is forbidden for dogs as its compounds go ill with canine's health. Use dog dental gels that prevent plaque accumulation and to protect mouth cavity from bacteria.

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