Staffy Photo Tips

How to Take a Great Photo of Your Staffy

Every Staffy owner would like to have a nice photo of their pet. This picture may be necessary for an advertisement, and to share with your friends on the Internet, and just for fun.

You should follow a few rules to take really good shot.

  •   Do not photograph your Staffordshire or Bull Terrier from a standing position, as the height of any dog is significantly lower than human. The result is a "top view" - short legs, large head. You should photograph your Staffy on its level (sit down or put the dog on the table).
  • Choose a beautiful background, but do not forget at the same time that you do not shoot the landscape, but a dog. Step away from the ugly objects, pay attention to the "odd" trees, cars and people - they can distract the viewer from your Stafford. The background should not mingle with the colour of the dog. It is desirable that your Staffy's paws do not get lost in the grass.

Terrier Collar
Bull Terrier is Posing Against Stone Wall

  • Pay particular attention to light. The best pictures are in the afternoon, in the absence of bright sunshine. A light source should be behind your back. The sun at dawn or sunset can "paint" your Staffordshire. The dog must be illuminated evenly - the shadow of the foliage and things can spoil a picture. Make sure that your shadow will not be in the picture.

  •  When shooting indoors cannot do without special equipment. Otherwise, such nuances as red and green eyes, distorted colour of your Staffy, hard shadows, uneven illumination are possible.
  •  Take many pictures. When shooting, you cannot notice defects, and the best photo can be spoiled by trifles. You can always select something among the large number of images.
  • Don’t photograph your dark Bull Terrier against a white background. The camera can shot the wall very well, but the dog will be very dark, with bad recognized details.

Nylon Dog Harness
Dog in the Nylon Harness for Training

  • Prepare your Staffordshire to take a picture. Pay attention to its eyes, ears, nails, hair. Wipe its saliva (if it is, of course). Some dogs have a habit to show the tip of the tongue, it's funny, but it is better to hide it for the photo. The dog's mouth should be closed.

  • You’d better to put your Staffy on a flat surface. Otherwise the dog can be humpbacked or its back can be raised.

  • Do not leave a dog lead without attention. You should choose a lead matching your Staffy’s fur or the background colour.

  • You may need help. It is good, if an assistant is involved in the process of shooting who will distract the dog or attract its attention.

  • If the shooting was drew out, let your Staffy or Bull Terrier rest. Otherwise, you can see the poor little face, half-closed eyes, strange poses.

  • While processing of the photos, try to the dog to be in the centre of the composition. You can leave more space in front of the dog's muzzle. Cut unnecessary.

Dog Collar
Nice Photo of Amstaff Lost in Thoughts

  • You should not be too close to the dog. The photo may be distorted, you will get a big head and a small back. Remember that close objects seem larger.

  • The picture may not be very sharply defined, if you do not use a tripod.

  • Evaluate final photo objectively. You can see the defects, which your Staffy hasn’t actually. Take another one. This photo will be watched by a lot of people and they will base their opinion about your Staffy on it. If you do not like a side photo, make the dog sit or it, make a portrait at a pinch.

Pay attention to dog accessories to underline your Staffy's beauty at the pictures.

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