Pitbull Restraint

There are important differences between the hold that is trained during the obedience course and the 30 minutes hold. These are two totally different skills. Pit bull lies straightly like sphinx during the areal hold and pays its attention only to the owner. Over a period of 30-minute restraint pit bull will rather doze, rolling itself up into a ball. Training the areal hold Pit Bull is still and you need sharp carrying out of skill whether it is rain or shine. During the 30-minutes restraint dog can choose the position, it can even sit, and you should always carefully choose the place for sitting in order to make comfort for the dog.

Why should one use it?

30 minute hold helps to make pit bull’s life hundred times better. Pit Bull, which can be near with the owner, without attracting of his attention, can follow the owner in café (without barking at waiter or turning upside down chairs chasing the cat), paying a visit (it won’t dig favourite flower of the neighbour or won’t step on the nails in the construction site). Travelling, riding, being outdoors in some institutions, where dogs let pass, your pit bull won’t make you problems. Besides, after the multiple trainings, dog receives the ability to relax, and to calm down after a signal. The animal can lie calm even during the dog shows and competitions; the dog keeps better quiet at home; it will be more attentive to owner’s mobility or immobility and will try to follow the example. The habit of 30-minutes hold makes better life of each dog and its owner in many spheres. It is not difficult to do this, but it is very important to do this correctly! To avoid mistakes, follow strictly advices listening below.


1.    Consider forehead the place, where the pit bull will lie. Lay it near your legs, if you’re working on computer or watch TV, or in the corner, where you will not need to step over your pet. Imagine where you would place your pit bull coming to café and coach this situation. Places for hold one may use different in different days.

2.    Set the timer for 30 minutes. Not longer! If you regularly train 30-minutes restraint, your dog will lie in café an hour or two. It does it easily, but as an exception. To do such long training is the same to put the dog on a chain. It will only harm.

3.    Coaching 30-minutes hold stay always in the room with your pit bull. Training the dog stays alone in the room is an other skill. 30-minutes hold is training your pet doesn’t disturb you, being near you. This skill trains that you can take your pit bull with you and do not stay it alone at home.

4.    Let the dog go only after the timer signal. Don’t hope you think of and look in time on a clock – set the timer always. If you need to leave the room before half an hour is passed, set the timer on earlier time and after the ring let the dog go and leave the room. You may also give a command “Heel!”, go out and than come back together, lay your pit bull again for remain minutes.

Dogs feel good the time. If you will not set the timer, the dog will wait half an hour and than try to go away, even in café. If you always set the timer during training, the animal will wait for its ring and not be guiding by the time. In a café the timer will not ring and the pit bull can stay near you for a long time.

5.    The less attention and emotion the dog becomes during training the better it is. Your Pit Bull has to understand that you’re busy and it is not allowed to disturb you. While training of 30-minutes hold follow the pet with your eyes. The best is to tether the dog to your leg or to the chair – than you can be busy with your work or something else without thinking about your pit bull. The dog may change a pose, but it may not go in another place. If the animal try to do this, you feel this thanks to the lead tension and make it comes back in time. When the timer rings, praise the pit bull very calm, unfasten the leash and say: “Free!” or “Walk!” and revert to your work. If after the timer rings, the dog will see a wild joy of the owner, get special treats or toys than it will intently wait for the end of the training that is mean the result will be the opposite – the Pit bull will become excited and not calm. If you have done everything correctly, after the calm praise the dog will stay on the same place or will go to another one and lie there. It will mean that it really was calm and relaxed while training and you have done everything correctly.

6.    You may begin the 30 minutes hold training in age of 6 months – in this age it will be safe for puppy’s behaviour.  

How to train the Pit Bull to the 30-minutes restraint?

Some dogs (grown-up or calm) can straight away stay on the place for half an hour. In this case you have only to watch over the dog doesn’t go away from by you chosen place and do not forget to set the timer. And in few weeks you can train it in the “difficult” places – in the street, in public transport or in cafés. Exciting and active pit bulls are trained slowly.

The most difficult is the first training. You have to do it the most easily for your pet. Tether your pit bull so that it is near to you but can not reach you, snatch for your clothes, force you play with it or reprove it. The dog will try at first time to draw your attention and to have fun. Keep an eye on the pit bull. The dog usually stands, turns round on the place and tries to break away. If it begins to gnaw at the leash, come up to it, say a prohibitive command, take the lead out of its mouth and move away. Sometimes one needs to come up and to move away several times. It is important to do this without emotions – it is naturally for the dog to try to become free and it doesn’t understand that it has to wait.

After several minutes your pit bull will feel bored and sit. Say very quietly “Good boy / Good girl!” For some dogs the first training has to be over. Praise calmly your pet, unleash him or her and continue your work. With other dogs one may wait something more. Eventually the dog for want of anything better to do lies. Come up, praise calming, unleash and continue your work. Next 15 minutes don’t play with the dog because you want it becomes calm by restraint and doesn’t wait for a play. Next day wait when your pit bull lies. On the 3rd day set the timer on 10 minutes, on the 4th day – on 20 minutes, on 5th day – on 30 minutes. For exciting dogs 30-minutes hold is very helpful but it is more difficult for them to assimilate it. That is why you should to train your pit bull every day one month at least. Than you may train it more seldom and with shorter intervals.

30 minutes hold should be trained every day during first weeks and regularly whole dog’s life. If you have trained the skill and than dropped trainings, the habit will be vanishing (the understanding will remain but the habit to relax after the signal will be lost). So preparing for holidays with your pit bull, train the dog at least few days before leaving home.

How to make time for the training?

Many people ask themselves this question. In practice it is very easily to find the time for trainings. It is more difficult to remember that besides other important things you have to train your pit bull. Properly thinking more than half an hour every day dog’s owner watches TV, or sits on computer, or is pottering about in the kitchen, or makes up / shaves in the bath-room, or chatters on the phone, etc.

The last and the most important rule: Never train 30-minutes hold if you are annoyed! One thing of substantial importance is to make your Pit Bull to take training as something dull but fun. You can live and travel with your ideal companion - that is what you should get. You can achieve it only if your pit bull, being with you, both can and know how to be calm.