Calming Signals of Dogs Communication

Calming Signals of Communication with Dogs

In books about wolves you will find language of body moves of wolves that is called "cut-off" signals. Scientists researched, how with the help of these signals one wolves prevented aggression of the others. Cut-off signals were described many years ago and well known nowadays. Scientists, who wrote about it, considered, that dogs did not possess these signals. But they were wrong. Dogs have the same social means to prevent conflicts as wolves. May be it is lost from the point of view of those scientists, as well as wolves show the signals more bright than domestic dogs. Slight signals are quite enough for dogs to understand each other as well as their life is going in a more calm way than wolves'.

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Dog's signals cannot be called "cut-off", as well as they differ in many ways. That's why they are called calming signals. They are used in the first turn for prevention of aggression, but not for stop of an action. Calming signals have several functions. Dogs show them at the starting point when they feel a conflict coming in the order to prevent it, for example, to avoid punishment or aggression of other dogs. Calming signals help dogs to sooth themselves and this way undergo stressful situation provoked by noise, fear, or other unpleasant things. This way dogs try to express their peaceful intentions and show it to the others. Calming signals help dogs to make friends with people and other dogs.

Follow us and we will tell more detailed how to see these signals of our dogs in daily life and common situations. We hope it will help you to understand your pet and other dogs better. Next article.

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