Staffordshire Bull Terrier Muzzle

There is an opinion that a Staffordshire bull terrier shouldn't wear a muzzle while training and it's only in extreme cases, when it can be worn. The practice of last years has convinced us that Staffies can be successfully trained with a muzzle, if you let them accustom to this accessory bit by bit and day by day. The muzzle can reduce the bull terrier to discipline, it's attention is not distracted by other dogs and if any fights happen by chance, the muzzle will protect your dog from injury. Furthermore, the trainer feels more confident working with a Staffordshire bull terrier wearing a muzzle. The necessity of wearing a muzzle is even more obvious, if you practice off-leash training. The Staffordshire muzzle can hinder fetching, rage development and tracking. When you work on general practices, delicacy is normally given through the muzzle. So a wire muzzle is more convenient, but you  can't use it at frosty weather and when the temperature is under -5'С. For the winter, you need a leather or a cord muzzle. Unfortunately you can't always find the appropriate muzzle in pet shops, but a great variety of different muzzles can be found here. We offer rubber wire muzzle for the winter as well as many great leather items.


Royal spiked leather muzzle                 Wire rubber muzzle