Pitbull Collar as an Important Detail of the Pitbull Gear

A collar is the most important thing of the dog accessories. How to choose a collar for Pit Bull, how to wear it and what collars for Pitbull are available? Answers to these questions one must know before acquiring the dog, because what suits one dog to another can be quite unnecessary.

Leather Collar for Pitbull

If you want the collar is a long time, you have to buy a leather collar for pit bull. A good choice is a three-layered leather collar for pitbull with safety buckle and welded ring. It's rather solid and fits well for everyday use. Be sure to observe edge processing. Choose a wide collar for large dogs. The optimal collar width is 2-3 cm. It is also important to put on collar properly, so the dog could not remove it. It is easy to prove – under dressed collar two fingers of the adult should go in.

In some cases you can choose instead of a collar a harness. This goes to dogs with a short neck and little breeds.

Nylon Collar for Pitbull

As an alternative to a leather collar a nylon collar for Pit Bull can be selected for everyday wearing. It is cheaper and fits perfectly little and medium-sized breeds. Requirements remain the same - a welded ring, good edge processing and it would be desirable the top layer of leather.

Choke collar for Pitbull

This is a loop of metal, leather or nylon. This is only used for dog training, and not for everyday use.

Pinch Collar or Prong Collar for Pit Bull (Strict Collar)

This dog collar for pit bull is used for execution of some commands. Through there are staunch opponents of such collars.

Prong collar for Pit Bull is a ring made of metal links with spikes inside. It must be free on the dog's neck, but when the dog draws the leash tightly, the ring pushes its neck, causing pain sensations. It's not worth to be carried away by choke collar for Pit Bull and to walk the dog in it. Dog skin used, pain threshold increases, and if the dog is aggressive too, it becomes difficult to manage the animal even in such collar.

Electric Collar

Current collar for Pit Bull performs the same functions like a spiked collar for pitbull - execution of prohibiting commands or enhance dog’s behaviour. To the electric collar a signal is given, and the dog gets a slight electric discharge. Its advantage is that you can manage the dog at a great distance. But there is the opinion that even a small discharge can be dangerous if the dog has a bad heart. As an alternative, you can use a collar with ultrasonic signal instead of electric discharge.

Pitbull Collars for Show Dogs

These dog collars for pit bull have a separate niche in the field of animal products. Although collars for show dogs with pendants have a beautiful appearance, but don’t forget about dog’s safety.

Each pitbull collar finds its dog and buyer. The abundance of Pitbull accessories permits opportunity to choose what fits your pet.