Leather or Nylon Dog Collar for Staffy

Choose Staffy Leather Dog Collar or Nylon

Staffy dog collar takes the first place among must-have supplies for daily outings. However it is not so easy to pick a collar for the pet that meets the eye because of their great choice at the dog market. First you should pay attention to, is the material of the collar. Various materials are used for collars producing, but if you need a classic one for Staffy walking and training, get the collar of real leather or nylon. They are the best ones for dog comfort, safety and reliable control.

Staffy Leather Dog Collars UKLeather dog collar for Staffy is a high-quality accessory. It looks classy and shows your good taste.

Leather is hard-wearing and durable. It will serve the dog for several years and will become your dependable control tool. Take care of the collar with special leather balsam to renew the product and to extend its service life.

Leather collar won't traumatize your dog's neck because it is smoothed and the edges are well worked-out. The material contains no harmful components and is ideal for Staffy with allergic or sensitive skin. The collar will provoke no rubbing or irritations. The dog will feel comfortable with the collar on even during long walks or training sessions.

Though natural leather is considered to be the strongest one, it is not desirable to wet the collar. If it is happened, please, don't overheat the material while drying. Do not dry the collar near naked flames also. Otherwise, leather will become rough or spoiled.

Pitbull Nylon Dog CollarsNylon is weatherproof, very practical and long-wearing fabric. The collar of nylon is light-weighted and elastic, but it won't stretch or tear under heavy loads or influence of the environment. It is extra firm and highly-resistant to the power of your Staffy.

The collar is harmless for dog health. There are no low-quality stitches on the accessory. It won't rub, irritate or cut into the skin. This is an excellent choice for everyday use if your Staffy has no allergy to synthetics.

Nylon is easy to keep fabric. It is allowed for the dog to swim with the collar on. Nylon collars are also manually and machine washable. The collar will become an essential outfit if your Staffy and you lead an active life and spend much time outdoors.

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