Dog Sports with Your SBT

What Sports You Can Do with Your Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Beautiful, healthy, athletic ... dogs! Doing sports is good for man’s health, and if you engage in active sports with your beloved SBT, it is especially wholesome. So, what dog activities will you choose?


The rules of this sport are very easy, because it reminds us strongly of usual jogging with the dog in our spare time that many of us love. There is a concrete distance in canicross that must be run with a dog and a man in a pair or rather in a friendly team. Moreover, they run on equal terms: the owner shouldn’t pass ahead of his or her SBT and pull it along. This is what judges that stand along the running track strictly monitored.

The dog and the runner are joined with a bungee cord or elastic line that is attached to the belt in canicross.

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Agility means: speed, dexterity, swiftness. In fact, it is also a race. Funny and interesting racing, and it is so exciting that managed to gain popularity very quickly virtually around whole Europe, and South America, USA and Canada. For Staffordshire Bull Terrier lovers it is both the opportunity to spend time actively, what is useful for him- or herself and for a pet, and a hobby helps to learn how to train your dog. In agility a dog should pass an obstacle course. The owner of the dog leads the process at the same time. Agility determines abilities and dexterity of a dog perfectly, as the goal of the game is to train the animal passing difficult course. The game promotes to train a dog well to live in society, teaches and, of course, is good for the physical health of the animal.

Every dog is allowed to take part in this competition including even mutt dogs. Also there are no size limits for the four-legged competitor as the obstacles set individually.

Sled Dog Racing

Only at the beginning of the last century sled dog racing became a sport discipline. Although this way of travel, with the help of dogs harnessed to a wagon, is very ancient (known to us ancient four thousand years old dog sledge was found in eastern Siberia).

How did this kind of racing originate? Of course, in the most natural way. People tend to compare the strength and speed of their vehicles. Alaska gold diggers were not exceptions. And as they used only dog sledges so such an interesting kind of the competitions came into existence.

That is why as a rule in sled dog racing certain dog breeds participates: Alaskan and Siberian huskies, Malamutes, Chukchi sled dogs, and all kinds of their crossbreeds.

Sled dog racing is a rather widespread sport. Perhaps it even enters the list of Olympic sports.

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It is a winter sport where a dog and an owner should pass defined distance joining together with a special tug. This is a speed competition. (By the way, in Russia this kind of competition has been known for a long time named towing a skier).

Not every dog wishes to participate in such competitions, but that dog which has a passion for running in its blood. SBT is among them. In addition it requires stubborn trainings.

Summer version of this sport used for year-round training sled dogs to the winter competitions at the same time is bikejoring or dryland. As the name implies the person moves on a bike, but aside from that everything like in skijoring.

In these kinds of contests can participate dogs of various breeds including the mutt dogs. As a rule, the best results achieve Dobermans, Boxers, German Shepherds, Giant Schnauzer and Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

Disc Dog or Frisbee Dog

Disc dog is a sort of Frisbee but with a dog. An exciting active game in which the dog owner throws a flying disc and the dog should catch it quickly and return to the owner. The disc is thrown for a distance of about 5 meters. In this game Staffy that would like to frolic able to prove to be real acrobats while showing all dog tricks!

There dogs of any size can participate, and sometimes a small dog can easily win a serious competition. In a competition the most unusual or impressive jump can be rewarded, for example.

Frisbee dog allows you to feel the joy of motion, excitement, just have fun, and do it with your dog together. By the way, this kind of competition is acceptable even for physically challenged people, who may participate as everyone else.

Weight Pulling


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This sport is for heavyweights, because it is based on weight carrying. There are some weight categories in it, as in human heavy sports. As a rule, the dogs that have heightened endurance, strength and energy participate in such competitions. There are American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Pit Bull Terrier, American Bulldogs and some hunting terriers among them.

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Musical Freestyle

This is the most beautiful kind of dog sports. In addition, almost any dog breeds can take part in it including Staffy surely. And with the course of time it is gaining more and more popularity.

In freestyle dogs are trained to dance to the music with the owner together. The dance of this extraordinary pair is shown in contests.

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