Agility with Pitbull or Staffy, Training in Sport!

Agility with Pitbull, Staffy. Pitbull Training in Sport

The agility is a new type of sport for any Pitbull that was "invented" in England in the late 80's and is rapidly gaining popularity all over the world. The name is derived from the English agility - speed, agility, dexterity - the qualities required of the athlete and his four-legged friend.
In this type of dog training the sportsman overcomes various types of routes (Pitbull agility, jumping, snooker, gamblers, time gamble, relay, etc.), ie performs a variety of exercises. The track is every time new in any exercise, the dog does not know the row of overcoming obstacles before the start. However, since the obstacles are set standard by the rules of sizes, then the dog knows the obstacles and how to overcome them. Ahead of the competition in any exercise the sportsman has time to learn the arrangement of obstacles, but without a dog. During the performance, the sportsman does not overcome the obstacles, he accompanies his Pitbull or Staffy on the highway, and manages it in the process of running.

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The Obstacle for Pitbulls

There are the following obstacles: barriers, tunnels - soft and hard, slalom, boom, "hill", swing, jump, wheel, etc. A number of obstacles have surfaces (areas) painted in a different color, where the dog must necessarily occur in the process of overcoming these barriers (boom, swing, slide). The competitions are held separately in accordance with the height classes for pitbulls. Taken four height classes (one - up to 30 cm, Mini - 30 to 40 cm, medium - 40 to 48 cm and a maximum - more than 48 cm). The sizes of some obstacles (barriers, long jump, the wheel) vary depending on the height classes of the competing dogs. Typically, the obstacles are located on the road at a distance of 3-7 meters from one to another. The size of the ring where the obstacles are placed is at least 20 x 40 m

The Violations

Violations are classified as follows. Errors (skipping the touchdown zone, knocking down the barrier strip, skipping the slalom racks, etc.). Failures (failed attempt to overcome the obstacles, dog stop on the ring, jumping between the wheel and the frame within which the wheel is reinforced by stretching, the wrong entering the slalom, etc.). More than two failures will result in disqualification. Also, there are other violations that result in disqualification (violation of the order established by a judge or the violation of overcoming obstacles direction in some exercise, "destruction" of obstacles by a dog or a sportsman, etc.).

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Pitbull Together with Sportsman

Pitbull Exercises

The purpose of the sportsman in the performance of this exercise to pass a line formed by the judge in the shortest time with the minimum number of violations. In this exercise, one judges both errors and failures. For every mistake or a failure an athlete is charged at 5 penalty points. Before the competition in this exercise, the judge sets the reference time of the track. The best recognized pitbull will be a dog which has overcome the track in the shortest time with the least amount of violations.

Pitbull Jumping

Pitbull Jumping Agility is similar, but it does not use obstacles with touch zones (boom, slide, swing).

Pitbull Snooker

In this exercise, the sportsman with his pitbull has to get as many positive points for successfully overcoming the obstacles with his dog. Each obstacle has its own "color", and cost. "Red" obstacles are barriers which must be at least three. The cost of the "red" obstacles - 1 point. The other obstacle has their "color" and have a cost depending on the color assigned to them.

Pitbull Gamblers

In this exercise, the sportsman with his pitbull scores maximum points for successful overcoming of the obstacles with the dog. Each obstacle in Gamblers also has a cost, which is determined based on the difficulty of overcoming obstacles.

Pitbull Relay Race

Relay race - is a team exercise that is performed by two or more sportsmen with pitbulls. General principles of the relay is the same as in agility-standard or jumping. The difference lies in the fact that the ring of the obstacles is formed in two lines. Each of these routes must include at least 9 overcoming obstacles.

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