10 Tips For Agility

10 Tips For Agility Dog Training

Agility is a dog sport invented in the 80th in UK that becomes more and popular around the world. The aim of agility is clear and consists in running the track faster than everybody with overcoming various obstacles. We should notice that your Staffy will run the track, not you. A sportsman only manages his dog with voice and gestures not touching his dog or obstacles.

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Big Dog in Agility

Agility Suits Every Dog and Every Owner

By the way, placing of obstacles is unknown up to the last moment. A sportsman has only a few minutes to run the track without his Staffordshire or Pitbull. And then he must lead his dog across 20 different obstacles (barriers, slalom, tunnels - soft and hard, boom, swing, "hill", wheel, jump, etc). Staffy can get penalty points for skipping the slalom racks or knocking down the barrier strip, for example. See the details of agility competitions in our article Agility with Pitbull, Staffy. Pitbull Training in Sport.

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Dog and Owner Connection

Connection between You and Your Dog is a Half of Success

10 Hints for Success in Agility

1. Set trusting and reliable relationships between you and your Stafford.

2. Keep your dog fit: regular long walks will help you.

3. Teach your Pitbull tricks. As many as you can think up. They teach you to teach your dog, they teach your dog to be taught and they teach her or him that training with you is cool. Good coordination of your pet will be a by-effect. If you Staffy knows 100 tricks, you will not have problems with a jump. Dogs can show coordination, balance, strength, flexibility and speed due to the tricks they learnt. There are no too much tricks.

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Various Agility Obstacles

GSD Running Slalom Obstacle

4. Teach your Staffordshire Bull Terrier obedience in drive, of course. It’s easy to motivate your dog to work out for 30 seconds on the agility track. It’s much harder to make your pet prance beside you during a few long minutes. If you want to learn about motivation, go in for obedience. If you can make you Staffy enjoy walking beside your heel for several minutes, your pet will enjoy agility.

5. Improve your Stafford’s self-confidence – only confident dog will dare to run at full speed. Let your doggy know that he/she is a champion of the world before his/her first jump over the barrier.

6. Not be afraid to act in your own way. Books, videos and seminars help, but nobody knows your Staffordshire better that you. Especially after you teach your dog 100 tricks and take him/her for a walk every day. Trust your insight and do what you think is useful. Avoid those who consider there is one right way. Beware of those who want you to believe you need the only breed/method/way of control/video to be successful.

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Dog and Owner on a Track

Doggy Jumping over Barrier

7. If results are not good, always remember that it is your fault in training or in control. It’s a good news because it means that it is you who will correct it. It would be much more difficult if it was your dog’s mistake. Fortunately, dogs despite of people don’t make mistakes.

8. Never forget that result is not the most important thing. Every dog can fail unless its handler is perfect. But there is no one ideal.

9. Dogs work better for themselves. Don’t ask them to work for you. Let them ask you to work with them.

10. Do you want more hints to train your Staffy agility? If you follow the above-listed pieces of advice, agility will become such an easy thing that you don’t need them. Just go outside and have fun with your Staffordshire Bull Terrier!

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