Amstaff, Pit Bull and Staffy Pedigree

It is a kind of custom that the dog breeding can be conducted in two directions: as kennel breeding and as spontaneous breeding, th so called "yard" breeding according to the principle: "we bred our dog with the one next door, it seems to be of the same breed". 

And while the kennels (we mean PROFESSIONAL kennels) thoroughly choose mates for breeding according to the dog's exterior, origin, even temper and all available information about several generations of the dog and their illnesses, unstable psyche, exterior deficiencies, the amateur breeders just mate their dogs without pausing to think.

Purebreed pit bull

An if these doggies, the fruits of their "good work" become heroes of society columns, who is to blame the breed's reputation has been injured once again? No document, no stigma, there is only exterior likeness with a certain breed. And while snappish spaniels are not a problem, it is much worse with the Staffies or Rottweilers. WHAT is PEDIGREE? As a matter of fact it is a piece of paper with a hologram, which contains information about five generations of the dog's ancestors. But.. The difference of a pedigree pup and a non-pedigree one is not the price of the document alone. The presence of a five-generation list witnesses that all ancestors of this puppy were accepted for breeding, as they have no exterior deficiencies and - above all - behave adequate, because they have been expertized at more than one dog show. The kennel club direction keeps records of its breeding activity, examines the offspring, analyses the dogs' behavior and exterior.
Due to these measures the kennels can achieve better quality of the bred dogs taking into account all the pros and cons of different mating couples.

Nice couple

What is the advantage of ADOPTING a KENNEL DOG? First of all a canine specialist supervises the offspring since the very birth. The dog breeders is being advised to all dog-related issues, including nutrition, disease prophylaxis and many more. As a result 30-day-old pups are fully developed and have normal weight. The puppies are accustomed to diverse nutrition or to dry food selected by the breeder. So when the pup is handed in to the new owner, usually no big problems arise. After another examination in the age of 45 days, the pup is ready to move in its new home. Every dog owner can be consulted on education and training issues, register for dog shows, i.e. get all needed support which the owner of a pup void of documents is deprived of. So is it worth saving money? Won't the later expenses exceed the price of the puppy? Won't the dog "gladden" you with behavior inappropriate for its breed? Think twice before you roll the dice.

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