Should You Get a Dog for Your Child - Yes or No? (Part 2)

Are You Ready to Get a Dog for Your Child?

Every year many children see marital disord between parents. And dogs help to forget about the troubles in such situations and prevent the development of nervous breakdowns and declines in health.

Dog Plays with Children

Dogs Teach Children to Be Kind & Careful

One can object, of course: "It`s good to keep the dog, but little children torture them more, than love." First, it`s not so easy to torture a little doggie because it has teeth and can defend or is simple to hide somewhere.

The Best Family Dog

Dogs Are Faithful Friends and Best Defenders

Remember, that the child will follow the example of parents. If the adults will treat the dog with love, the child will love the dog too, and if the dog will be as a toy, the child will also get indifferent and cruel to the dog. This means that the dog generally brings positive emotions. It depends on us whether we are ready to treat it as the family member or to get it only for entertainments.

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