Cleaning Dog Equipment Recommendations

What is the dirtiest dog thing that you have?!

What thing do you use several times a day, but rarely wash (and maybe do not wash at all)? It is the lead of your Staffy!

 Every day you go out for a walk, holding a lead, teeming with microbes. "The probability of bacteria transmission not only to dogs but to you too increases in Summer", - explains Jocelyn Kesler, dog trainer and author of "The Secret Language of dogs".

 Think about those bacteria that gather on your hands, and in addition about those that get on a leash after contact with the ground or from your Staffy’s mouth.

 Nylon dog leads, dog leashes of fabric and rope are the worst in this sense. Finally, they can cause infection, both the dog and the owner. "The bacteria such as Campylobacter and Colon bacillus, begin to multiply very intensively and spread easily" - Kesler warns. If the lead is used in a rich in bacteria environment, such as a park for dogs, the risk of fecal contamination increases. If your Staffordshire Bull Terrier is carrying such leash in its mouth, the dog is in danger of various diseases.

Chain Leash for Staffy with Handle

Safe and Usable Chain Lead

 The easiest way to avoid the spread of germs on a leash is to wash it once a week. Kesler recommends the following method: "Fill the sink with very hot water and add 1 cup of apple vinegar and 3 teaspoons of tea tree oil. Put a lead in the sink and leave it for about 20 minutes, then rinse it well and dry".

 Of course, there is a collar beside a lead. The collar is also very easy to "gather" the bacteria. If your Pitbull or Amstaff wears it constantly, Kesler recommends "to change the collar of nylon, fabric or rope every two months, even if you wash it regularly. The collar is constantly in contact with the skin of the animal, and it means that the risk of bacteria transmission is higher. It will help to prevent skin infections and allergies". 

Chain Dog Collar for Staffy Training

 The Best Fur Saver Chain Collar for Your Staffy

 Although your Stafford’s lead and collar need special attention, at the same time its water bowl is another subject that needs to be cleaned regularly.

 "The safest water bowls are made of stainless steel or ceramic, as the growth of bacteria is the slowest on such surfaces. We often allow our dog to drink water from common bowls or water bodies, but it is better to avoid it".

 Dog water bowl should be washed every day in a dishwasher or with natural soap to reduce the development of pathogenic environment. Just as we protect themselves from germs by regular hand washing, we also have to look after our dogs. Careful care of the lead, the collar and the water bowl will help to keep your Staffy healthy and happy!

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