Exercises with a Bite Sleeve

Bite Sleeve for Staffy and Pitbull

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Protective Sleeve for Bite
TrainingExercise with a bite sleeve is divided into four stages: biting, carrying, fight, fight with a rubber stick. At first Staffy is kept on a leash. A handler puts a soft sleeve on. The first stage or biting happens as in the case of exercises with a tug but this time the handler is wearing a training suit. The purpose of the exercise is achieved when Staffordshire Terrier bites the sleeve with full mouth. At this stage the handler plays the main role bearing full responsibility for ups and downs.

The main thing is to hold the sleeve in the proper position, horizontally obligatory, not too low and not too high, approximately at the height of the pelvis. If the trainer is right-hander he wears the sleeve on the left arm. In this case at the time of a collision with SBT a handler should pull his left arm back so that Pitbull does not run into it and doesn't hurt itself. The right arm should be stretched to the side to counterpoise.

When your pet bites the sleeve the handler takes his left hand forward to ensure support for the dog. Here so-called carrying stage begins. The handler pulls your pet watching over the dog to not lose of the sleeve. The owner or the handler moves next to the dog and encourages it trying to keep it on a long leash to provide it with maximum freedom of movement. If your pet shows good fighting qualities after few lessons they pass on to the hard bite sleeve doing with it the same exercises.

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Professional Dog Trainer Is Using Our Dog Bite Sleeve

Michale McCann, trainer of UKDA and London Dog Trainers, is Using our Professional Dog Bite Sleeve

After few lessons the owner begins to let the dog go of the leash providing his dog complete freedom. But at the same time he is always next to it. Each training always ends with the dog seizes the sleeve and receives praise and encouragement from the owner. The next step, namely, the fight also depends entirely on the skills of the trainer that should move the sleeve up and down at first very slowly and softly then more strongly.

Puppy Bite Sleeve for StaffySpeed and type of the movements is selected depending on the character and fighting spirit of the Pitbull or Staffy. Finally, it comes the turn of the exercises with rubber sticks or whips, with which the handler hits SBT during the fight. The trainer should be able to choose the most opportune moment for a first lash, so that the Pitbull would not lose the object, would not scare and would not slow down.

Blow with a stick is stricken at the time when Staffy is biting a sleeve strongly and show a clear wish for a fight. When the handler has stricken a blow he should not stand aside but continue to fight to strengthen the bellicose response of the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Only in a few moments, he let it have a sleeve. If after lashing Pitbull lose the object you should return to the pulling stage or even to the biting stage. At the same time, however, the handler should not unhand the whip that Staffy gets used to its look.

However, you should remember that trained dogs simply ignore blows with a stick. Further strikes are incentive for them to bite a sleeve more strongly. Therefore, after the lash if your pet weakens pressure or even loses the sleeve from its teeth there is almost always handler’s fault because he has chosen the wrong moment to hit.

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Dog Bite
Sleeve in Work

Dobermann Trained with Dog Bite Sleeve by Michael McCann

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