Pitbull Dog Collar Hardware

Which Hardware for Pitbull Collar to Choose?

Are you in search of Pitbull collar that will be reliable and resistant to power of your dog? You should pay attention not only to the material of a collar, but also to the metal details it is fitted with. Dog collar hardware is no less important point you have to take notice of when get the collar for Pitbull.

Hardware for Dog CollarThe fittings are made of different metals and alloys, but not all of them are solid and unbreakable. What are the best ones? They are nickel-plated, chrome-plated steel and brass. Fitments of these metals are high-tensile, sturdy and intended for long-term use. They won't break under heavy loads of Pitbull pulling and during training.

Chrome-plated steel details are break-resistant. Chrome plating makes steel glossy and protects it against corrosion. However chrome-plated details can get rusted if to contact with water constantly. Premium-quality details are maximum protected against corrosion having double coating: nickel first and then chromizing.

The hardware is suitable for Pitbull or Staffy, which coat is unexposed to discoloration. If this is the case, it is better to get the chain of nickel-plated steel or brass.

Dog Collar Hardware UKFitments of nickel-plated steel are sound and glossy. Nickel plating is used for protective and decorative purposes. Steel plated with nickel is rustless and has attractive silver-like look. This metal won't color your Pitbull's coat. You can use the collar with nickel-plated steel hardware for everyday and all-weather use. It is suitable for Pitbull with non-sensitive skin. If the pet has allergy to nickel, it is recommended to choose dog collar with gold hardware of brass.

Brass is the alloy of copper and zinc. It is non-allergenic if consists of these metals only without any other impurities. The shine of gold is an outstanding feature of brass. Dog collar brass hardware has luxurious look and attracts attention to the dog. Brass fittings are reliable in use, safe and extra firm. They won't cause Pitbull coat discoloration.

Brass Dog Collar HardwareThe alloy is resistant to rust, but it can become dark with time under the influence of air, wet and water. Cover brass details with colorless varnish to secure them from darkening and they will always be like new!

Metals mentioned above are perfectly suitable for Pitbull dog collars hardware. Check out their quality and processing. Top-notch details are weld, highly-polished and have no defects. They are securely stitched and (or) riveted to the collar to serve the dog for long.

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