Why You Should Adopt Staffy

Why Do You Need Staffy?

Nowadays most of big city inhabitants adopt dogs despite the opinion that it be undesirable. What does a city inhabitant need a dog for?

A dog or a cat are even more important in a city, as they link the human to nature, which is so hard to find in a city. So you will need a dog to live in harmony with the nature.

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Gorgeous Loving Staffy

But which dog breed to choose? Most people choose dogs according to current trends. Still, fashion is very changeable. Your dog may be as fashionalbe as possible today, tomorrow it will be outdated. So you better don't choose dogs according to this criterion. We recommend to consider the following points:
  • the dog shouldn't bother you with too much problems like cleaning your furniture from its hair or brushing it every day;
  • the dog should be easy to educate and nice to walk with. The dog shouldn't be aggressive, either with humans or with other dogs;
  • you need a dog to stay calm in public transport or in your private car.
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Noble American Staffordshire

These are very relative conditions, of course, as many people have their own opinion: some like German Shepherds, others - Pekinese.
Still if you decide to adopt a Staffy, be sure to get a loyal companion, suit for every possible purpose.

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