Staffy Age VS Human Age

How to Convert Staffy Years to Human

Dogs grow very quickly. The path of development from a puppy to the adult dog takes only a few years. Unfortunately our Staffies rarely overcome the 15-year barrier of life. Naturally, the lifetime of our pets depends on the environment they live in and health status, mobility, feeding and breed. For example, Boxers and German Shepherds are known to live on average 12-13 years, and Fox Terriers live to 18-20.

Fully Staffy and other dogs develop between the ages of 2 and 5 years. The development of the organism ends in this period, and Staffy becomes especially vigorous. In 7-8 years Staffordshire slowly begins to grow old.

Staffy Age vs Human Age
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Many owners simply multiply it by 7 to convert the age of their Stafford in human years. This method is not correct. The following table provides a more detailed calculation of the age of the dog in the "human equivalent".

Dog Man
2 months 14 months (index 7)
6 months 5 years (index 10)
8 months 9 years (index 12.5)
12 months 14 years (index 14)
18 months 20 years (index 13.3)
2 years 24 year (index 12)
3 years 30 years (index 10)
4 years 36 years (index 9)
5 years 40 years (index 8)
6 years 42 year (index 7)
7 years 49 years (index 7)
8 years 56 years (index 7)
9 years 63 years (index 7)
10 years 65 years (index 6.5)
11 years 71 years (index 6.5)
12 years 75 years (index 6.3)
13 years 80 years (index 6.2)
14 years 84 years (index 6)
15 years 87 years (index 5.8)
16 years 89 years (index 5.6)

Take care of your Staffy, train it, walk a lot and use only high-quality dog accessories to prolong its lifetime.

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