How To Wean Your Pit Bull From Jumping Up

An impatient greeting from your Pit bull can be adulatory. But too much enthusiasm can scare some people or spoil your clothes. Owners and visitors alike hate it when your dog jumps up suddenly on you so, that you will be knocked down and get stains on your garments or your packets will be scattered. Here‘re some advises for stopping such unwanted reaction. 


Disregard Method


1. Straight away when the dog tears his feet from the ground, turn your back rapidly upon the dog.

2. If the dog puts its paws at your legs or back, don’t pay attention to it. Don’t give even a look at it. If it circles round you and jumps up again, turn your back again.

3. Continue such reaction until your pit bull behaves differently, e.g. sits or stands still, waiting for your attention. Immediately this happens, draw your attention to the pet and give an incentive to it.

4. If after that your dog begins to jump again, withdraw right away your attention and turn your back again.

5. Reiterate this until the dog will be calm and will stop jumping. This method is connected with the idea that the dog takes any type of attention, even negative attention, for a positive result, so that it begins to jump on you more zealous. So, if you want to stop your Pit Bull, show it that jumping on you gets no your attention.


 “Sit!” Command Use


1. Train your pit bull how it should to sit, greeting you. This will give your four-legged companion a substitution for its behaviour hailing you.

2. Every time the dog wants to jump on you, e.g. when you go away or come home, give the "sit" command.

Praise the dog or give it some delicacies, if the pet sits dutiful. If your pit bull is still going to jump on you, follow one of the afore-mentioned advices before moving to the next step.

3. If it is necessary, say once again ”Sit!” after the dog has been stopped from jumping. Praise and stroke your pit bull, at last give it a piece of something delicacies.

4. Reiterate such script every time your dog starts to jump on you. Step-by-step, your pit bull dog will understand that he / she should to sit greeting you.


Dog’s Leash Use


1. Put on dog’s collar with lead on your pit bull.

2. When the pet jumps on you, tell it in a slightly severe tone of voice "no". But don't be too brusque so long as you have let it behaves in this way for a long time. So the animal will wonder why you are suddenly so exasperated at it.

3. When your pit bull faces you at your feet, step on the lead and remain with your foot on it. Next time the dog jumps, it will take off only a wee bit from the ground.

4. Praise, stroke your canine companion and give it a treat. It may well be that you have to reiterate this for several days to consolidate success.




·         As in any animal training system, there are many methods that help to attain the desired result. You should get to know all of the proposed methods to choose the one that fits most your dog training philosophy. Every dog training regime is more successful when the dog and owner / trainer have a strong relationship.

·         Try all the proposed methods to find the one that is most effective for your Pit bull. Every dog is different and behaves differently in the same situation. If you think that carrying out for a time training work is unsuccessful, try something new.

·         Convince yourself that your environment has the same reaction as you to such dog’s behaviour. NOBODY in your house may praise the dog and give him attention when he jumps on them.

·         There is one more method that can be used as an alternative or in addition to the methods listed above - Cage training. You can simply put your Pit Bull into cage when you go somewhere and let him out when you get home.

·         Try to go and to come softly. If you make a lot of noise every time you cross the threshold, your dog is more animated and starts jumping. Ignore the pet for 5 minutes when you come home. This time is necessary the dog becomes calm.




·         Never strike your pit bull or use some other violence to stop jumping on you. Don’t forget that your pet jumps up to greet you, because it is glad to see you. If you will hit or yell the dog it will be scared of your reaction and will be more aggressive.

·         Don’t hit your dog in the chest, when you want to stop jumping. This could cause a casual injury.

·         If you use the collar and lead method, please, don’t use choke chains! Many dogs have become accidentally traumas of windpipes because of choke chains usage. Regular snap or buckle collar benefits you better results.