Psychological Aid for Fighting Dogs

In some cases, fighting dogs can not be trained at all. The reason why may be not your lack of training skills alone, it can be about the dog's psychological state. Yes, don't be surprised, fighting dogs also tend to have psychic deviations. In this case you will need help of a specialist - zoopsychologist.

Staffy wearing a harness      

Though you can notice some deviations on your own. Watch your dog for a while. If you often see its ears tweak, if the dog is hectic, chases its own tail, skews, the diagnosis is clear: nervous system deviation. It is the same, if your dog barks a lot, as the representatives of the fighting breeds are silent, as true fighters should be.
Still, you can't handle this problem on your own. You will need aid of a qualified pro, it is the only way to heal your dog and train it well.

Why Do Fighting Dogs Attack?

A dog of any breed can attack a human, but the common idea is, that fighting dogs tend to attack more often and are more dangerous. A logical question arises: why can a fighting dog attack?
The main reason is bad training and education of such dogs. Many dog owners think, feeding and walking their pets is enough. But it is not true. Fighting dogs are animals, they live according to the laws of nature. But you have to educate them right to reduce their aggression.
One more reason is the so called instinct accumulation. This means that a certain instinct has been blocked for some time and can be revealed in an extremal situation. So if your dog has been accumulating negative emotions for some time, their burst can harm someone (including the dog owner). But this happens only to dogs, who haven't been trained and educated for a long time. The problem is, the owner can't direct the dog's energy in a constructive way.

Fighting Dogs Go Illegal

We often hear about accidents where fighting dogs are to blame. They make articles and TV shows about it. After all, governments of many countries are interested in this issue, so they pass laws to ban import and keeping of certain dog breeds.
In Great Britain, banned fighting dog breeds include pit bulls, amstaffs, Dogo Argentino, Tosa Inu and many other dogs, bred for fighting. The owners of these dogs must have a correspondent license, the dog must be sterilized and walked in a muzzle and with a leash.
Many countries (Spain, Denmark, Canada) have banned breeding of pit bulls. The German government prohibited to import pit bulls into the country.

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