Martingale vs Choke Collar for Young Pitbull

Martingale or Choke Collar?

Chokers and half-check collars are intended for behavior correction of already trained Pitbull and Staffy. These tools are not for obedience training beginning. Do not use any of them to simplify training process for you. Choke and martingale collars correct such behavioral issues as pulling and jerking a lead, disobedience, jumping and attacking people and animals. Which model will be more suitable for your Staffy or Pitbull?

Best Choke Collars for PitbullsHow do choke collars work? A choker is a loop with rings on both ends. It is put on over Pitbull's head. One ring slides and tightens the collar around the dog's neck when it pulls or jerks the leash. The other ring is fixed and intended for lead connection. The choke collar is tightened only when Pitbull disobeys. The collar is loosen when the dog steps backwards. You can use the choker as a usual walking collar if to attach the leash to the loose ring.

Pitbull choke collar helps to suppress excitement in a smooth manner and make the dog concentrated on your commands. Full choke dog collar is a useful tool for young Staffy and Pitbull behavior training.

Chokers are harmless when properly used. They imitate natural upbringing of a mother dog. Follow the next rules and the choker will not hurt your Pitbull:

Best Choke Collar for PitbullsIt is forbidden to train Pitbull puppy under 6 months with the choke collar to avoid neck and trachea traumatizing.

Choker is pulled over the dog's head. Its size should be larger Pitbull's head circumference in the widest part below ears and a jaw line. Optimal length of the collar is the dog's head girth plus 2-3 inches.

Suitable collar won't choke and will be safe for Pitbull.

Choke collar is not for daily walks.

You mustn't jerk the choker during training.

Do not leave Pitbull alone with the collar on.

Choose choker of natural leather if you need the collar quiet in action. Leather choke collar is not dangerous for the dog to wear. Leather keeps constant temperature in all weather and seasons.

Martingale Collar PitbullLeather strap is well worked-out and smoothed. The edges are polished. Leather contains no toxicants and is ideal for dogs with sensitive skin. The collar doesn't provoke rubbing and irritations.

Genuine leather is durable and long-wearing. It will serve your dog for several years. Oil the collar with special leather balsam to renew and prolong its service life.

Half choke or martingale collar is a sliding loop as well, but it is fitted with a chain that serves as a stopper. The collar is tightened around Pitbull's neck to a set point only. This is the difference between full and semi-choke collars.

The advantages of a martingale dog collar:

  • slipping off the dog's neck through the head is excluded;
  • ideal for young and aggressive Pitbull or Staffy;
  • perfect for dogs, which pull on the lead;
  • handy in use.

Martingale Collar for PitbullThere are 3 rings on the collar. Two connect leather part with the chain and tighten the collar and the third serves for the leash attachment. The chain and the rings are weld and break-resistant. Leather strap is strong and nice on the touch. There is a buckle to regulate the collar size. This collar helps to correct behavior gently.

Please, consult a trainer before getting any of the collars and use them on the advice of a professional and if required under his supervision. Feel free to contact us if you have questions.