Dog Training Equipment - Choose a Useful Pet Supplies (Part 2)

Choose a Useful Pet Supplies for Effective Pitbull and Staffordshire Training

Dog Treats

Dog food serves as a primary booster for dog feeding. It`s vitally important for every living being and Stafford or Pitbull are no exceptions. Pet can`t exist without a dog food, that`s why it`ll do everything to get a tasty dog treat. But first the dog should "do a little work" to get a cherished piece. So you can not only to encourage your canine with a natural dog treat for a desirable behaviour, but also your Pitbull or Stafford should get its basic diet.

Choose a certain dog activities due to your pet`s individual characteristics. For example, if you prepare your Stafford or Pitbull for a dog ring or dog championship, then reward your favourite after every successful performing of an every dog exercise and after every dog training. The motivation is many times more when a dog knows, that it will get a tasty "Jackpot" after dog training or walking.

Intended use: a reward for a desirable behaviour

Martin Rütter`s esteem: recommended

Dog Ball and Dog Toys

There exist a great number of different dog toys for pet exercising, edutainment and fetch work.

Fetch work is a dog game, that imitates a hunt for a wild game, that is within Pitbull`s and Stafford`s nature too. All the parts of dog toy should be safe and durable: solid material without angles and keen edges. You can throw a dog toy and your pet runs after it or you can hide a dog toy and your pet will seach it. But a monotonous game quickly bothers. So you need an interactive dog toy, that will help you to vary a dog games and will make your dog to change its behaviour due to a changed conditions. Thus you`ll also develop your dog`s intelligence.

Dog balls are often used for dog games. Dog ball should be of a rather big size so that your dog couldn`t swallow it. The ball jumps up after a throw and the dog thinks it "runs away". Such a "living" wild game is more interesting for your pet than motionless subjects.

 Intended use: dog training

 Martin Rütter`s esteem: recommended

Dog Training Pouch / Dog Treat Bag

It`s a special bag made of leather, nylon or fabric and equipped with a zip and touch fastener. Touch fastener covers a zip, that can discomfort a dog. And zip protects a dog food in a treat bag from grease and allows to use it more long. training pouch is filled with a dog food. By making internal parts of some treat bags from a water resistant fabric, such treat bags can be filled even with canned foods.

You can use such a treat bags for dog reward after a dog training or you can hide it for your dog to search. It`s also a benefit of dog training pouches as the dog can feel a smell of dog food through the fabric. So treat bag is an indispensable dog training tool, when your pet is not interested with usual dog toys and dog dummies.

Intended use: dog exercising

 Martin Rütter`s esteem: recommended

No Bark Dog Collar

No bark dog collar with a parfumed lemon aroma - it`s an electronic spray dog collar. Water-gas mix has a negative effect on a dog and discomforts it: the dog feels sudden cold or wet, unpleasant smell, fizzle during the mix exhaling can put your Stafford or Pitbull into shock. Impulse is set into work when the dog starts barking. But as the device operation can be caused by the unwanted sounds or by a barking dog near by, then using of such a dog item in the presence of other animals is non recommended. After all, the dog will be punished for an undesirable behaviour, that it didn`t do.

This pet supply is often used when the dog barks when stay alone. But as the dog owner isn`t around at that moment, the correction is made in a blinded manner and the dog can`t understand who punished it. And if you have a sensitive Pitbull or Stafford, it can quit feeling itself safe at home. Anonimous correction, as a rule, is non recommended for dogs: if you want to teach your dog a correct behaviour, then it should always know why, how and for what and the most important - who punished them.

Intended use: to wean a dog away from barking

Martin Rütter`s esteem: non recommended