Coming Up or Passing a Dog

Doggy Language: Dog not Come in Front of a Dog!

Majority of dogs avoid front coming close to another dog or a person. They also avoid coming too close to strange dogs or people. In doggy language coming up straight in front is not polite. You may watch a dog passing on a distance from another or from a person in a circle way. This way a dog is showing a calming signal. If there is a lack of space to show this signal, it may be substituted by another signals.

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Dogs always use this calming signal, when they are to pass another dog or person in front of them. If you are walking a dog on a short leash, a dog will probably try to avoid the unpleasant meeting and walk on the other side from the other moving in front of it.

You may use this signal to get closer to an aggressive or a frightened dog or a dog who is showing calming signals to you: smelling the ground, licking its nose, turning its head etc. In some cases you will need to walk on a half circle along the dog, in the others it is enough just to change the direction slightly, passing the dog. You need to watch a dog a little to understand which move will be correct.

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