Choose Designer Pitbull Collar

Hand Painted Collar or with Metal Adornments?

Every loving Pitbull owner tries to do best to take care of a dog. Pitbull collar choosing is one of the main points to make daily walks safe and comfortable. Dog collar design is an essential feature along with functionality and reliability. Designer Pitbull collars are not only walking attributes, but also mini artworks. Pitbull with a beautiful collar on draws stares that boost your self-esteem. There is a wide choice of decorated collars at the dog market. Hand painted and adorned with metal decorations are the most popular accessories. Which one to choose for your beloved pet?

Designer Pitbull CollarsLook at this handcrafted collar with flamy drawing. Our professional artists apply special water-resistant paint and a secret technique to make this collar gorgeous and unique. Your Pitbull will have a matchless item as it is impossible to make equal ornament twice. The paints are free from toxicants. The pattern won't fade or peel off with time.

The main advantages of the collar are exclusive design, high durability and exceptional comfort. The strap is of real leather that is carefully sewed. The collar is strong and reliable yet gentle to the dog's skin having no rough edges and stitches.

The collar is fitted with nickel-plated steel buckle, D-ring for leash and a strap keeper. Standard buckle is easy to fasten. The D-ring is weld and won't break. Metal alloy of the fittings is sturdy and resistant to rust. However, keep the collar away from water, direct sunlight, heaters and fireplaces to avoid color fading, leather roughness and metal details corrosion.

Use the collar for walks and basic training. This is a perfect attribute to emphasize Pitbull temper and to control the dog with confidence.

Pitbull Designer CollarsThe other variant of designer Pitbull dog collar is richly adorned with spikes, studs and large plates. It is made by hands of selected full grain leather. The collar is well-processed and oiled to be nice to the feel. The accessory is durable and will not stretch or tear for long. It will stand Pitbull's pulling force and will prevent skin rubbing or irritations because the edges are cut and waxed.

The plates are of brass. Studs, spikes and hardware are of nickel-plated steel. Each detail is fixed with rivet and won't come off. Silver and bronze-like look of the decorations adds luxuriance. The collar is functionally fashionable and intended for reliable handling of your powerful and active Pitbull.

This Pitbull designer collar is absolutely safe for the dog in spite of being highly decorated. Solid belt buckle won't unfasten accidently. The D-ring provides secure lead and collar connection. The collar is meant for those, who appreciate quality and fashion.

Please, note that leather collars are not for swimming, bathing and outings in heavy rain. If the collar is drip with wet, use a dry cloth to wipe it and let dry at room temperature. Oil the collar when it is dried with a balm.

Designer Pitbull Dog CollarsIt is better to keep the collar in a special bag of natural material, which is ventilated. This will save the item from excessive humidity, dryness and dust.

Use leather balsam from time to time to keep the collar flexible, soft and shiny.

Whichever collar you buy, you get a beautiful and usable item for Pitbull or similar breed. It depends on your taste which collar to purchase. Each case is individual and we will gladly help you in choosing the right collar for your Pitbull or alike breed. Feel free to contact us if you have questions.