Dog Stress

Dog Stress

Dogs feel stressed under the same circumstances as people do. Dogs are nervous in situations when they feel physical or mental discomfort, for example, feeling pain of punishment or becoming excited as the result of anger of the owner, too active game or female dog on close distance.

But the main source of dog stress are people who create uncomfortable and stressful situations for dogs.

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Dog stress is expressed by several means. If the reason of stress is the outer circumstances, a dog shows calming signals. Here dog expresses signals that help it to calm down.

We have listed the main calming signals at our previous articles. We hope they will help you to understand your dog. Please, take several minutes to watch your dog and to learn it, its language. Watch your dog at different situations and how it reacts. If your dog is worried, nervous or frightened, the imitation of its moves may help you to calm it down. Talk to your dog in its language!

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