Best Buckle Dog Collar for Pitbull

Have an Eye for Dog Collar Buckle Types

A collar that is properly chosen will make your Pitbull daily activities comfortable, secure it against menacing and life-threatening situations. The type of the buckle is the essential point you should pay attention to along with the material, design and purpose of collar use. There are two buckle types, which are considered the most suitable for the collars. They are a belt and a quick-detach buckles. Which one will be suitable for your Pitbull?

Dog Collar Belt BuckleDog collar belt buckle is a classic model. Such a collar is the excellent variant for medium and large Pitbulls. The width of the buckle is equal to the collar width. The buckle is made of solid metal. It is weld, rust- and break-resistant.

A standard buckle is easy and reliable in use. The collar has 5 eyelets at a distance of 0.9 inches (2.5 cm) from each other. Your Pitbull's neck circle should achieve the third (C) eyelet. A, B eyelets you use if the dog hasn't grown up yet or shed weight. D, E eyelets serve if Pitbull has already grown up or piled on the weight. If your dog is powerful and you need a wide collar, the one with the traditional buckle is the best suited.

Dog Collar Quick-Release BuckleDog collar quick-release buckle is very convenient. This is its main advantage. One click of the buckle and the collar is put on and taken off! The other benefit is reliability. It won't unlock accidently or under Pitbull's power and will resist heavy loads. High-quality buckle doesn't open with one slight touch, but it is also not too tight for you to unfasten. You won't feel inconvenience when use the buckle.

The collar with quick-detach buckle is adjustable. You can fit it to your Pitbull's neck size and to change the length when necessary. This collar type is ideal for a puppy, young and grown-up Pitbull, which is obedient and doesn't pull on the leash. The item is perfect for daily activities of the dog.

As you see, both models are practical in use. It depends on you, which one to purchase. Each case is individual and we will gladly help you in choosing the right collar for the dog. Feel free to contact us if you have questions.