Do Staffies Feel Cold?

Do Staffies Freeze in Winter?

Most of the dogs can live outside in winter, work in cold and even sleep on snow without any harm to their health. Of course, lapdogs and breeds with short hair without thick undercoat are exceptions.

Fur Protects Dogs from Cold

Wire-haired, short-haired, long-haired dogs with thick undercoat don't freeze in winter. Of course, if we consider influence of low temperature down to reasonable degrees.

Do Staffies Feel Cold

Your Dog Will Not Freeze if Moves Actively

But you should understand that dogs of the same breed can stand cold differently. Living in a flat dogs can freeze faster, even if they have thick hair. The peculiarities of a dog's organism force it to cast the coat. Its undercoat falls out as useless and it becomes harder to stand cold for a dog.

The size of the dog also matters when we talk about cold resistance. Large breeds loose warmth slower, while small breeds begin freezing after not so long walking in the cold weather.

Staffies can bear cold on condition that they move actively, don't stand. Staffordshire Bull Terriers like scampering on snow, playing snow-balls. In addition, running on the deep snow is useful for muscular development. Of course, you should shorten your walks when it freezes strongly (5°F and down), because your Staffy can catch cold. The Staffordshire Bull Terrier breed doesn't have undercoat, so it is required to wear dog harness vest or warm dog coat for Staffies in cold weather.

Do Staffies Feel Cold

Staffy Does Not Need Shoes in Winter

Why Dogs' Paws Do not Freeze in Winter?

People are used to compare their reaction to cold with their dogs' reaction. We think that our feet freeze in cold, then our pets' paws also freeze. In fact dogs' paws have different circulation of blood, it is adapted to survive in cold condition. Your Staffy can stand low temperature without shoes.

Japanese scientists from the Yamazaki Gakuen University (Tokio) explored that dogs' special blood circulatory system doesn't let warmth to escape and their paws are always kept warm. The results of the research show that warmth is transmitted from the paws arteries to the vein system in such a way when cold blood doesn't return to the body and doesn't cool it. The vines are situated very close to the arteries that guarantees fast paws warming. Dogs' paws are not frost-bitten down to -31°F.

Do Staffies Feel Cold?

Take Care of Your Staffy While Training in Winter

Other Factors Have Influence on Staffy's Cold Resistance

Healthy Staffordshire Bull Terrier freezes less in winter than ill and old animals. Suffered from arthritis and emaciation dogs and puppies are more likely to be frozen. To warm its body your Staffy needs energy. Animals get energy from food. So if your dog lives outside or is trained actively in winter, its diet must be balanced and include food rich in calories.

Use bite works items while walking and training your Staffordshire in the cold weather.

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You can put on your Staffy a warm coat to walk the dog in cold weather. The coat is warm and comfortable. It is waterproof to protect your dog from getting wet in rainy weather. The coat keeps warmth perfectly and your Staffy won't shiver with cold and feel comfort even being outside for a long time!

Do Staffies Feel Cold

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