Weight Pulling for Pitbull and Dogs

The weight pulling appeared for dog pulling power performance for spectators.  Every dog can get many benefits of this sport. Physically, the weight that it pulls not only stimulates the muscle development, but also enlarges the bone density, the power of tendons and cardiovascular system.

Weight pulling is a competition in weight tug on a special distance where the competitors are divided into weight classes and the load is located on a small cart with wheels or sleigh. It can seem that the weight pulling is limited to the physical power performance, but it is not so.

This is a very big warm-up and dog mentality conditions creation - the dog abilities to support and to pass the concentrated attention in order to finish a task. There not only large and strong dogs may take part.

There are six different weight classes that contain competitors with a weight from 33 lbs to 121 lbs

It is self-understood, it is hard to call in question the popularity of such recognized weight puller as Alaskan malamute, but among four-legged sportsmen having achievements registered in International Weight Pulling Association there are 33 dog breeds: from American pit bull terriers up to greyhounds and mastiffs. Also one allows for participation not pure dog breeds of all sizes, bitches and male dogs.

This kind of sport originated on the goldfields of Alaska and Northern Canada. In many respects the weight pulling continues to remain up to nowadays the same competition as it is described by Jack London. The dog is harnessed to the loaded sleigh or cart, the commands are made by a handler (it may be the dog owner or trainer who trains for it and takes part together with it in competitions)

In response to his command it must in one minute drag the load to the distance from 5 feet to 20 feet. The handler has no right to touch the dog when it pulls a load, he must keep a certain distance. It is not allowed to use some bait or strong phrases for speeding on. On some especially excitable and noisy competitions the rules do not permit presence of other family members or relatives (for instance, children who love their four-legged pet) near from the place of carrying out the competition up to its end.

Everything that may even remotely remind a threat towards dog is forbidden. It is not allowed to use coarse expressions. The dog care and respect towards it are pivotal and indispensable condition of every weight pull.

When it becomes clear that the chosen weight is too heavy for the present dog, one helps it at once. In similar situations such help is obligatory in order the dog not to know the feeling of defeat. International Weight Pulling Association (and it includes 5 thousands members) informed that for 5 years no dog had ever suffered on competitions.

Weight pulls are arranged everywhere in USA, particularly these competitions are popular in western states. As a rule, competitions in weight pulling are held simultaneously with other competitions in dog sport or at dog shows.

Snow competitions are very popular, but small cart competitions become prevailing, because they do not depend on climate and season. The rules do not permit the untrained dogs to participate, so you won't be able just having paid for admission to go to the ring with an untrained dog.