Best Collar to Walk a Pitbull

What Is the Best Type of Collar for a Pitbull?

Pets have a special place in our lives. They become our faithful friends and family members. We live no day without our four-legged companions and the strongest fear of every pet owner is to miss the animal. A danger can be anywhere when you go out with a dog. Your Pitbull can be suddenly frightened and run away. That is why you have to take care of the dog's safety. One of the most effective precautionary measures is a pendant, an ID tag or a Pitbull collar with name plate. This is a must for each dog. The help of the ID plate is invaluable if the dog is lost. It identifies the pet and aids in coming back home.

Pitbull Collar with NameWhat do dog tags say? Pitbull's name and (or) your contact info are engraved on the plate. If you choose an ID tube, put a paper piece with your telephone and address into.

Hang Pitbull name plate or ID tag on a separate strong chain or a thin collar, which is not attached to a lead. It is not advisable to take off this chain or collar ever. A basic collar can be torn by the dog or unfasten or the pet can escape and the ID plate is left home. A person, which finds Pitbull, will contact you and help the lost dog to return home quickly.

How to Choose Pitbull Tags?

Material. Corrosion- and rust-resistant stainless steel and aluminum are the best suitable metal alloys for the ID tag.

Size. The plate should be of the appropriate size. Pitbull can swallow a too small tag and it will be invisible for the other people. Too large plate may be inconvenient for the dog during daily activities and outings.

Fixation. High-quality accessory is equipped with a strong metal ring for attachment to a collar and a hole that has no impact on the item durability.

Dog Collar with Nameplate UKShape. Plates, hearts, bones and other shapes are allowable. The tag adds a touch of style to your dog's look.

What to Engrave on Pet ID Tags?

Key information about Pitbull and the owner are appeared on the plate. Pitbull's name is engraved on the one side and your contact info (name, address, phone) are on the other side.

The text should be easy to read. Too much information engraved on the plate affect the readability and the engraving quality. Ask to place only important contact details on the tag. The plate, which contains Pitbull's name only, is less useful.

The best way to print the information is laser engraving. Laser keeps firmness of the accessory and makes the inscription contours clear.

Pitbull collar with name plate or the collar with the ID tag is a must-have attribute of the pet's daily life. These accessories should be of the finest quality to serve their main function. You can purchase such a premium-quality product in our online dog shop.

Dog Collar Name Tags UKPitbull collar with name plate is crafted of natural leather. It is dependable, hard-wearing and suitable for medium and large Staffy or Pitbull. The collar withstands pulling power of a forceful dog. It will not unfasten or tear because leather strap is durable and metal fittings are break-resistant. The collar is soft and safe. Your Pitbull will not have skin irritations and rubbing when wear this collar.

The name plate is fixed with rivets and will not fall away. The option of customized engraving on the plate is available. One line of information with maximum 11 symbols can be placed on this plate. The collar with engraved name plate will identify your Pitbull and keep it safe.

Pitbull dog collar with the ID tag attached is another variant for your pet. The item is made by hands of 100% leather also. It is intended dog Pitbull and Staffy of medium and large sizes. The collar is tearproof and resistant to jerks of a powerful dog. The hardware is solid and leather strap is tensile. The collar is versatile, gentle to the dog's skin and harmless.

Dog Collars with Nameplate Attached UKYou can pick the color and shape of the medallion, which goes with the collar. There are 5 colors of the tags (blue, gold, green, pink, silver) and 3 shapes (plate, heart, bone). Your information is placed on any of the plates in 2 lines. 10 letters 3 mm or 15 letters 2 mm high can be put on this Pitbull ID dog tag. Choose the color of the pendant, which you consider to be the idel for the pet and identify it in style.

Feel free to contact us if you can't decide which collar to get for your Pitbull.