How to Train Pitbull to Ride in Car?

How to Train Your Dog to Be Good in the Car?

It would seem so easy to get the dog in the car, but this is the opinion of those, who have never had the canine. How to train the dog to behave in the car so that you both could feel maximum comfort?

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To begin with, train dog to like the car through positive associations to avoid anxiety. If you go with your Pitbull or Staffy by car to a vet only, it is quite natural that the dog will perceive it negatively or even aggressively. Regular travels with dog in car from young age for walks, to the country or to the park where it can run and play will stick in canine's memory and the car will become an indispensible attribute of real holiday.

This is you who define the best way how to travel with dog in a car. It depends on age, habits and excitation level in unfamiliar environment of your Staffy or Pitbull. It is best of all to hold puppies and dogs, which get in the car for the first time in arms. Thus they will feel complete security and confidence because the owner is nearby. Tactile contact is very important for the first time when the dog is in unusual and frightening situation – this is the so they perceive moving car at first.

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It is a popular opinion that the most convenient place for the dog is at the owner's feet. This is really good for the first stage of getting acquainted with the car. But if your Staffy or Pitbull is very curious, it will be difficult to hold it on the floor when the dog got used to the car even a little.

The best variant is to train Staffy or Pitbull to back seat. The dog takes it as its own territory with time and traveling with dog in car even at long distances will become trouble-free. The dog should be obedient, well-trained and calm for this.

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How to keep dog in backseat of the car? Someone from owners should sit with the dog in back seat to stop attempts of the pet "to participate" in driving and also to get over forward at the first. You will need not much time to train Pitbull or Staffy to seat in the back seat only during driving if you have normal relations and the dog is trained enough.

Having chosen the best way to carry the dog in the car once, you have to follow this line closely and not to confuse it with different commands concerning its place in the car. It is not recommended to feed the dog for 3 hours before ride. Give a special remedy to your Staffy or Pitbull if it has car sickness.

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