How to Measure Pitbull Muzzle Size

Measure Pitbull Muzzle Size Correctly

If you want to choose the best dog muzzle for your Staffy or Pitbull you should take into account the following:
1.    Staffy must be able to breathe freely in a muzzle with its mouth opened. You should look for a cylinder shaped muzzle to allow your dog to open its mouth and put out its tongue. It is known that dogs “sweat with their tongue”, and being in a tight muzzle in hot weather or during intensive load can lead to the heat stroke.
2.    Your Pitbull must be able to lap water.
3.    The best dog muzzle must be light-weighted, not rub the bridge of nose, be quite loose around your dog’s mouth and not press down on the nasal planum. If your pet opens its mouth and abuts on it with its chin, such a muzzle is not comfortable. Especially it concerns metal dog muzzles. They can even lead to callosity.
4.    A muzzle mustn’t touch eyes.
5.    You should choose such a muzzle to prevent dog biting.
6.    Your Staffordshire or Pitbull must not be able to pull it off of its nose.
7.    It is very important to choose a muzzle fitting the size and shape of your dog’s head. You can select such a design, length and adjustment of straps that your Staffy can never put off this muzzle by itself.
There are basic criteria. Now you need choose a right size.

Pitbull Muzzle Size
Correctly Chosen Pitbull Muzzle Size Guarantees Comfort

We advise you to measure your dog's snout to choose the best dog muzzle. You should take 6 measurements to define a right Pitbull muzzle size:
1.    Length. It is a distance from the tip of your Pitbull’s nose to the eye line.

Snout Length for the Muzzle

2.    Circumference. It is a circumference around your dog’s snout at 3/5 inch below the eye line. The snout must be a bit opened while measuring.

Snout Circumference for the Muzzle

3.    Eye Line. It is a distance from the eye line to the end of ears line.

Eye Line for the Muzzle

4.    Neck Circumference. It is a circumference around your dog’s neck behind its ears.

Neck Circumference for the Muzzle

5.    Width. It is a snout width in its widest part.

Snout Width for the Muzzle

6.    Height. It is a snout height measured a little opened.

Snout Height for the Muzzle

Muzzle Flaws

Metal Dog Muzzles

We recommend not to use metal dog muzzles in hot or cold weather. Your Stafford may burn itself of hot metal in when the temperature outside is high and it can stick its lip or tongue to metal when it freezes.

Staffy Muzzle UK of Wire
Choose Proper Pitbull Muzzle Size

Closed Leather Dog Muzzles

It is undesirable to keep your dog muzzled with this kind of equipment while heat or long loads.

Leather Dog Muzzle for Sale UK
Let Your Staffy Rest Without Muzzle

Synthetic Muzzle on Velcro

Such muzzles cover your Pitbull’s snout tightly and it is allowed to use them only for a short period of time. Examination of a dog, for example.

Staffordshire Muzzle for Sale UK
Fabric Muzzles is not Intended for Long Wearing

Plastic Muzzles

Plastic muzzles are light-weighted, but can crack down when it freezes or because of strong hits.

Now you know how to Pitbull muzzle size correctly. Don’t forget to fill in all required information while ordering the best dog muzzle for your Staffordshire Bull Terrier or Pitbull. Click on the pictures to choose a muzzle.
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